Wednesday, 24 August 2011

After MIA-first update

Apologies to all of you who been wondering where I been after the last entry with the Slut Walk, however, I really appreciate those comments from you very deeply as I sensed the acknowledgement from some of you about dress code shouldn't be used as an excuse to not keeping it in the men's pants...

OK, first of all, my very recent update during my MIA is that I have started working for the RMK counter since end of June and it's right now my 2nd month, so fingers crossed in passing probation next month as I been enjoying the job so much.... and people in the dep store are nice in general that I love them all and customers too!

Now that I have a video ready to upload based on the makeup look of Twiggy and the fashion tribute of Audrey Hepburn to wish Christine my friend Happy 21st Birthday.... I have spent months doing the research mainly on fashion and spent the budget for this Summer to look for the items to create a few sets of outfit to improvise my ideas to you all and Christine...

So here are a few highlights:
This is my favourite dress in interpreting the classy style Audrey Hepburn has... and I also wear it for work too!

Inspiration/Research from magazine Choc May 2011

I recently fell in love with pussybow top and cropped pants... sometimes, trousers don't have to be full length to be "smart" for those who are students or office ladies....

There are more I've shown in the video that I hope you guys would like and let me know what you think... however, I would admit the limitations for this video in the fashion tribute would be missing out 3 must haves:
1) trench coat (ready for Autumn/Winter, I am not doing any shopping for Autumn/Winter until next month)
2) clutch bags to match with evening gowns
3) Sunglasses (Lost the perfect pair when I was moving out of Leicester T__T)

Anyhow, here are all the links of where I've done my research
images of Audrey Hepburn's style
all the listed items included in the fashion tribute of Audrey Hepburn
and Choc magazine issue May 2011

Please enjoy the video after it's uploaded... and Happy Birthday to Christine! mwah!