Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Tiffany! & Make Up Look Inspired by lee Hyori

The Make Up Look I was doing:

That's me in the inspired look

Quote of My Thoughts: "There's a difference between being slutty and being sexy; Sexy can be interpreted as wild sexy or elegant sexy but being slutty can only be interpreted as being dirty and easy"

I am not sure how I should make it a better of expressing or elaborating the quote, but it would be nice for those who understand me will understand the difference..... I hope I can pass the message about being sexy is varied to style, mood and aura an individual has.... anyone can be wildly sexy but where's the elegant sexy side? Hopefully I can soon find some inspirations of expressing what is "elegant sexy" by a make up look with a nice dress....

This video is prioritized again, not because of the votings by viewers alone, but the importance of letting my viewers and subs know- I Care! Not only their enquiries make me happy; if a comment can reflect on how much I made someone happy, this is part of what I care too!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Random Quotes

"The magic of true love is to accept the girl who reveals "THE REAL HER" behind the mask"- by sweetkuromi
The quote is inspired by someone who said he's scared to date an "artifically" pretty girl, I was quite angry cuz he picked the video with a make up model in it, saying this to me, I find this is extraordinarily insulting to the make up model!  However, I hope this will not bring Claudia or Anita down cuz none of my make up models who been on my video or will soon to be on my video deserve these insults!

"As long as you wish to be beautiful, you will be beautiful"
My favourite quotes of all times from the Asience Shampoo Commercials, this is a meaningful quote of all times to me, it's a message which indicates courage, confidence and motivation.

"'Cause you're worth it!"
The slogal of L'Oreal of all times- might be common to hear, but why is it my fave quote?! Cuz it's the way I express the value of a someone's beauty, this quote/slogan has always been my message I bring to the youtube make gurus who became my best friends recently and the exisiting friends who I been stayin in touch with regularly.

"It takes two to make the relationship perfect"- by sweetkuromi (myself again)
I don't tell alot of people I have spent 90% length of time in a distance relationship with my boyfriend, but for those who witnessed our relationship will know why I made this quote....

"Youtube is not a place to beg for fame or a competition with other make up gurus.  It's a social website to share your ideas and knowledge in beauty with expressions in creativity" by sweetkuromi
I have learnt so much from the nicest, the most down-to-earth make up gurus on youtube, they all make videos because they do it to provide informations and expressing their thoughts!
And this leads to
"Making Vlogs and Tutorials are a hobby; Comments reflect on how well you made others happy"

That's all the quotes I come up with.... Please let me know if you would like me to make some quotes for certain videos I make?!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Keep your thoughts, preferences and demands coming :)

Please, kindly complete my recent new survey (Deadline 27th May or 28th May) 2010), just for me to get to now the taste of my subs and viewers better, thank u

I have uploaded my latest video according to the demand of this job seeking and exam seasons for schools, which is a make up tutorial for attending to interviews...... to wish you all luck and passing the message that make up should be remained flawless and simple... Anywayz, since I have done the video now, I have altered the content of votes, still the same topic to vote, but yet, changing the titles of videos...

For your information: This is the make up look of Lee Hyori that I will b intending to do,

Due to the respect for Phyllis Li's copyright for her blog, I will juz show u guys the looks that I will do that were inspired by her...
For the sleek palette look:
For the FOTD (9th May):

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

32 surprising reasons men call it quits
By Jane Hoskyn

“It’s easier for girls,” so the saying goes – because it’s supposedly much easier to catch and keep a man than it is to pull a woman. Oh yeah? Tell that to the woman who’s just been dumped on the grounds that she has a strange toenail, or because she bought a pink phone.

The truth is that men are far pickier than their reputation suggests. The gents themselves often don’t even know what turns them off a girl who, just a fortnight before, could seem to do no wrong.

We asked a group of men to explain why they’d given their girls the elbow, and here’s what they told us. Fasten your seatbelts, ladies.

1. “I was on the phone to a girl I’d been seeing for a few weeks. We got into a disagreement about something trivial, and she hung up on me. I was furious – it was like she’d hit me in the face. I never rang her again.”

2. “She always wore foundation on her face, including first thing in the morning. Her skin was fine underneath it – a couple of spots but nothing major. But she had this compulsion to wear foundation. It was massively unsexy.”

3. “I cooked her a curry one night and she only ate a tiny bit because she was on a diet. Dumped.”

4. “She had actual conversations with her cat while I was there.”

5. “I dumped my ex as soon as she started acting like more of a lad than I did. I’ve nothing against swearing as such, but it’s not nice if a girl swears all the time. It made her seem thick.”

6. “I had to do all the talking on our dates. Maybe she thought that she was doing herself a favour by keeping her mouth shut, but I prefer women to talk too much than too little. I don’t want to do all the work.”

7. “She kept failing her driving test and I was fed up being her chauffeur.”

8. “She slept in a night dress.”

9. “When I first met her she was wearing a fairly loose T-shirt and she looked great, but once we started seeing each other she was always in figure-hugging clothes. I’m not a chauvinist – a woman can wear what she likes – but I don’t find tight clothes at all attractive.”

10. “She ironed my boxer shorts.”

11. “About two weeks after we moved in together she started wearing jogging bottoms around the house. The second she got in from work, on they went. She actually looked quite sexy, but I didn’t like what it meant – it was way too cosy.”

12. “She cut her beautiful hair short.”

13. “She pointed out that I’d put on weight.”

14. “My girlfriend stopped keeping any secrets from me. It was like I’d become her best female friend, and she told me everything – things her mum said, period pains, workmate stuff. Too much information for me.”

15. “She was funnier than me.”

16. “She never bought me dinner. At first I wanted to pay for our dates because it made me feel like more of a man, but there comes a point where you want her to stump up too. It never happened.”

17. “I was on a mate’s stag weekend and got back to find that my girlfriend had re-organised all my DVDs. That was pretty much my sole reason for ending it, and I haven’t regretted it.”

18. “I finished with a girl because she couldn’t go out anywhere without completely over-dressing. Even if we were going round a friend’s house, she had to put on make-up and blow-dry her hair. It must have been really hard work being her.”

19. “My ex was late for absolutely everything. It’s not even like she spent ages getting ready to go out. She just had this mental thing where she wouldn’t leave the house until she was too late to meet me on time. It drove me insane.”

20. “Her bed was covered in cuddly toys.”

21. “She slept in this big mound of pillows. If I was staying at her place and I fell asleep without throwing off all the pillows, I’d wake up with neck ache.”

22. “She had a dog and she always smelt a little bit of him.”

23. “She told me off for answering my phone at dinner. People around us could hear her moaning at me.”

24. “Whenever I wanted to watch a DVD at bedtime and snuggle up together, she’d either fidget or fall asleep.”

25. “My previous ex had dumped me out of the blue. I was completely over it, but I was worried that my new girlfriend would do the same, so I finished with her first.”

26. “She could never remember anything that happened in films we’d seen together, but she remembered every single incriminating thing I’d said during arguments.”

27. “Her feet were always freezing in bed.”

28. “She accused me of snoring, so I was always too self-conscious to go to sleep when she was there.”

29. “She bought a pink phone.”

30. “She slurped her tea.”

31. “Her mum friended me on Facebook. The only way I could get around the friend request was to dump my girlfriend.”

32. “I am chaotically messy and I lived in constant fear that she’d try to tidy up under the bed. I don’t know what’s under there, but whatever it is I didn’t want her finding it.”

Friday, 14 May 2010

Some random updates

This week, a DHL package was delivered to my home which was ordered  by my boyfriend, and yes, the latest issue of my favourite magazine (Choc 恰女生) came, furthermore, my boyfriend ordered the latest edition of make up technique bible by Kevin the Taiwanese make up artist as he would like me to share these knowledge n techniques with my subs which 1 day I will...

I am sorry to Claudia, that I stood her up on Tuesday by accident because of the phone coverage at home... however she told me to go to approach the Chinese Supermarket for the magazine the next day.... Besides the apology to Claudia, I finally had a hair cut, not completely cut bt a trim to the split ends n trimming my fringe......

Sorry that I dun upload my video on the exact date I mentioned on the video, I've been busy over nothing this week again, altho I go to work and stuff n hv the other days free... This video based on my passion and interest will be the 1st video uploaded after my hair cut... Hope my speeches and eloboration is not boring u all out! Enjoy the video of knowin me better :D

Another topic vote:

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Vote until 30th May 2010 (new topic)

Since I have some colour contact lenses now, I have selected two different colours for a special make up tutorial with colour contact lenses since I believe that no human being on this planet have grey iris or coming across an Asian who has green eyes naturally.  I have some photo samples of myself wearing green and grey lenses, so this might help with the idea which one to vote.

Although I will do a tutorial for grey lenses in clubbing version as this is totally related to my clubbing dress up fettish... I will still would like to what everyone's preferences are as a perfect video to upload before uploading the ones I have in mind already...

(Me in Green contact lenses)

(Me in grey lenses)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Best friends (Gurus) from Youtube

I don't really do shout out videos for anyone because this will cause so much disruptions and complaints, so I will start with the ones who I have been talking to real closely through MSN and blogtv.  All of the views and subs matter to me cuz of their support, but I thought it would be nice if those who subbed me will think of them when they think of me whatever I do...

cydangie (Cydia)- It is amazing that she would approach me in the first place and talking so much about distance relationship, although both of us had a different outcome from distance relationship, I felt the sharing about beauty and sentimental topics work out that both of us can confide in each other.

exquisitejenn (Jeannie)- She has been there since my first video on youtube (maybe cuz we started our first video on the same date?!).... You will find her comments on my about 95% of my videos, lol.  I always wanna see the crazy side of her as she saw alot of my crazy side on blogtv, lol.

prettyholic (Lucky)- I remember she only gave me the message and never replied until recently, but it would make me learn that this girl is a deep thinker who allows no mistake in her taste and choosing the ones who matters to her... but talking to her makes me learn alot on how I should think of youtube... from her, I learnt that youtube is not a place for fame or to fish for compliaments for your look and skills.... It should be a place for people to share beauty and sisterly love.

strawbeefull (Jessie)- She has a similar background to exquisitejenn as both of them are nurses.... but yet, the one I will most looking forward to hang out with as both of us are only about 1 hr away from each other (me-Leicester & Jessie's in Birmingham)... It didnt take us too long to know each other, and since she has youtube too, I think it would b nice if any of you who subbed me already will give her some support too <3