Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Best friends (Gurus) from Youtube

I don't really do shout out videos for anyone because this will cause so much disruptions and complaints, so I will start with the ones who I have been talking to real closely through MSN and blogtv.  All of the views and subs matter to me cuz of their support, but I thought it would be nice if those who subbed me will think of them when they think of me whatever I do...

cydangie (Cydia)- It is amazing that she would approach me in the first place and talking so much about distance relationship, although both of us had a different outcome from distance relationship, I felt the sharing about beauty and sentimental topics work out that both of us can confide in each other.

exquisitejenn (Jeannie)- She has been there since my first video on youtube (maybe cuz we started our first video on the same date?!).... You will find her comments on my about 95% of my videos, lol.  I always wanna see the crazy side of her as she saw alot of my crazy side on blogtv, lol.

prettyholic (Lucky)- I remember she only gave me the message and never replied until recently, but it would make me learn that this girl is a deep thinker who allows no mistake in her taste and choosing the ones who matters to her... but talking to her makes me learn alot on how I should think of youtube... from her, I learnt that youtube is not a place for fame or to fish for compliaments for your look and skills.... It should be a place for people to share beauty and sisterly love.

strawbeefull (Jessie)- She has a similar background to exquisitejenn as both of them are nurses.... but yet, the one I will most looking forward to hang out with as both of us are only about 1 hr away from each other (me-Leicester & Jessie's in Birmingham)... It didnt take us too long to know each other, and since she has youtube too, I think it would b nice if any of you who subbed me already will give her some support too <3

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ExquisiteJenn said...

lol. crazy you would see if I had a blogtv. lol. maybe one day. hehe. it's nice having all of you as good friends. it's amazing how the internet can bring people from halfway around the world together =)