Sunday, 27 February 2011

Birthday & Updates

Before this update gets way too old, I'm gotta share this update and my birthday!  OK, I would've made this update like ages ago, but I did intend to wait for other packages of what other gurus sent me before I filmed the videos, since Exquisitejenn got me ALOT of things which were to thank me for the birthday presents that I got her last year, I expect the ramble on video will take forever, so I will blog about it here.

As you all know, I have talked about exquisitejenn like she's one of my best friends in the youtube beauty community.... so it's my chance to blog about what she got me and I love everything she got me so far....

So far, I have opened the purple/plum palette of Wet & Wild, and also the Hard Candy Lilac eyeshadow thingy...

Sorry that I have retook the photo of the Hard Candy blusher/eyeshadow bake thingy by accident, I still haven't opened it yet, but I think I am likely to look forward to use this product...
PS. I will still be waiting for Strawbeefull (Jess) to come round so that she will get to have fun with experimenting with those makeup that exquisitejenn got me.... I hope this day will come

There are 2 other lovely makeup bags that's in the package that I love alot, but yes, I will show it in the video about my birthday trip to London and along with the outfit that I wore too!  The only reason I would complain that exquisitejenn got me too much stuff is that she shouldn't have sent me that much stuff when I only got her very little during last year, makes me feel bad.  But don't worry, I am not a fussy person when it comes to people buying me presents really... (especially people who knows me really well will get to hear me saying it "I'm not fussy at all, u don't have to get me too many things")

Then for the birthday likewise, I went to London with my boyfriend, and attended to a flight attendant interview which took place near Stansted Airport.  I have filmed the video on what I wore for my birthday as well as I hope you guys will like the photos my outfit for my birthday

This is my boyfriend and I, been together for 7 years something now...

Outfit for my birthday: 23rd Feb. 2011

It was actually the friend of my boyfriend's Kloe who got me this panda hat from taobao, I will put that as annotation on my video too...

24th Feb- Went to the flight attendant interview near Stansted Airport, met a few really nice candidates, and with my first time meeting an "air-head" flight attendant whom showed off his 2 years experience with the airline EasyJet which literally pissed alot of candidates off... Well, honestly, I have friends who are flight attendants for whatever the hell airlines: Cathay Pacific, DragonAir, Finnair... and I personally even used to work as a ground staff for Cathay Pacific, but of course, staying humble and have a laugh with other candidates who were around me would be the thing that made everyone smile including myself which is something I would want for my birthday trip in the end.

As far as this update goes, to those who might be interested in knowing about how my interview went: Reject was the result, but I realize this airline wouldn't be the one that I want to work for since they have nothing to guarantee the employees or to ensure they have all the basic benefits so far.  I am sorry I am unable to disclose further with the name of the airline, however, as a warning to those who are job-seeking or with the contract signing stage: Think twice before you sign something. There are always lots of gaps and traps in between... PS. I hope some of you will understand I don't mean this airline is deceiving myself or any candidate, I am just stating that this is a tip for those who are job-seeking and I am making sure that everyone has a clear-mind of what they are doing!
The title of "Moment's of fashion, beauty and life" will stay still as thanks to MissKeiKei for her really pretty banner for me just on top of the blog entries!!  I guess MissKeikei didn't realize it was my birthday on Wednesday and it was on 26th Feb that I received by email.... so although it's just a belated birthday present, MissKeikei still gave me the best belated birthday present so far....

Enjoy the video, and don't miss out anything if u miss me!

Monday, 21 February 2011

A bad online shopping experience

OK, I found that this shop had a pretty good range of product line that I would like to buy and refill the skin care products that I ran out of soon as well as the type of false lashes that I've always been wanting to try so far, so I have placed an order for 3 items that I wish to use
1) a pair of false lashes
2) a Taiwanese brand moisturizer
3) citron exfoliating gel

OK, the scenario started after I've settled my payment with the shop... here comes the first email of notification:
Email 1: the administrator tells me that the eyelashes I've ordered will take a week to order, so the dispatch is likely to be delayed

Email 2: I replied to ask if they can let me know if my order can reach me by 23rd Feb (my birthday), however what their reply is still the same.  They have informed me the source of contact for further enquiries, however, all they gave was QQ which I don't have, as well as the fact that I added their msn accounts BUT NEVER SEE THEM ONLINE!

So far as fair enough that I left them a week to place their order for my lashes.... I was only emailing the administrator just to find out the process of my order....

Email 3 started to tick me off (please refer to my highlight and translation): OK, the good news the administrator informed me was fair enough... 

BUT the highlight: the moisturizer I have ordered is out of stock and they recommend another product to replace the moisturizer I ordered originally!  
To explain why I am totally pissed off and ticked off that I MUST blog and release how my frustration: 
Fine! IF they let me know this  moisturizer I ordered was out of stock on the same timing as the lashes I've ordered, I would accept the situation with friendliness...but it's been a whole GOD DAMN a week something late they inform me the situation about one of the ordered items to be out-of-stock!

Other factors that brought my anger up too:
the website wasn't anything like ELF to block off the quantity section if they are out of stock
Expecting the refund of the moisturizer I cancelled straight-away
Email 4: WTF, I have to wait for the next day for the refund?! I am angry enough that I want that particular amount back straight away, don't care if it's just £1 or £1000!!!! 

I seriously would wanna make a video to express how ticked-off I am at the moment! I am NOT happy at all!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Wow, I know that I been MIA for a long long while... I hope everyone been well and picked up enough money for Chinese New Year... and I guess I really should talk about updates when I didn't update my blog...
I've had hair-cut on 31st Jan 2011, I can say it's not much difference from my previous haircut but for those who can tell the difference, hope you will like the new haircut for sure

(There will be a video about it after I've uploaded the Part 3 of the Valentine's Day Special)
I have made Valentine's Day special for both singles and couples talking about celebs I want to date and the outfits to wear for singles to hangout and outfits for those going out to dates.

Fancy a sneak peek?! hehe...

The make up is originally an inspiration by a user's update and I was so fascinated with this simple but yet a nice contrast done on the eyeshadows. I agree that pink and brown can't go together in clothes but if it's make up, I guess many of us proved the point that pink & brown can go well to make your eyes look great without a doubt.... I know my make up look is probably not as great as the original user's make up look, however, I hope my video can still balance the bads and goods about the outcome of this look :)

Last but not the least, I went to IMATS and met Pursebuzz of a 5 minutes glance and bought things with great bargains... <3 Here's the video about the IMATS, enjoy and stay tuned with the video I will soon film based on the February Hauls/Presents....