Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Shu Uemura Gem Glam Inspired Look

..................BUT I DON'T OWN ANYTHING OF SHU UEMURA EVEN EVER SINCE THE 1ST TIME I BOUGHT MAKE UP..... excuse my poor mandarin speaking, I prefer not to come on camera when I ask Anita questions....

Normally, I would prefer to upload just 2 videos a week maximum, but this time, I decided to upload the 3rd one as an exception as I wanna pre-upload this video for the sake my used make up model Anita to wish her luck for her semester exams, to let her know she deserves support from all kinds of people I know as well as my appreciation and effort I put for her in this video cuz she's worth it....

Behind the scene of this video, a meaningful experience and a great afternoon made my day:
1) The discussions of equipments:
Outfits- It's better off if Anita wears anything she wants, cuz it shows she's really being herself to me and all the audience and it's the REAL Anita I hang out with and the whole point of inviting her to be this make up model.  However, she has asked me about if there's a specified color contact lenses I would suggest her to wear: That's blue, cuz it really suits the whole make up look and it is strongly recommended to those who love this look and will decide to wear it

2) Anita was surprisingly pointing out what I can do to make her video a better than the previous one with Claudia, such as bringing the desk lamp and camera more forward to her face....

3)My camera goes short of battery so quickly, during these recharging intervals, me and Anita would chat and share our thoughts about anything.... Both of us have a same Leicester life, both of us live with our boyfriends, and both of us are the only girls sharing the house with two guys.....

In my heart, Anita is a considerate girl, and so down-to-earth that I admire so much.....

I hope more acknowledgements and supports will come upon Anita no matter if it is to do with her being my make up model for more videos I make OR her fashion sense that deserves the acknowledgements.

One of my own make up equipments: Both me and Anita agreed- Benefit Skinny Dip looks great on Anita with this inspired look, for this first time talking about lipsticks which one matches whose lips with my instinct correct....

Monday, 26 April 2010

The next 4 videos that will come

So far I have listed the ideas of videos I will do on youtube, but I have prioritized these few ones to be uploaded soon

1) Tag video: Descriptions of handbags you use the most (I will tag exquisitejenn, yellowscarevedninja, prettyholic, yoyoecho, and those others who will upload their videos frequently)

2) Shu Uemura's Gem Glam Advert Inspired Look (this is featuring a make up model-Anita, I would like to post this video up before she has any exams to go)

Answers to Questions:
3) Eyeliner textures and tips- This is based on ilovemascara's question about looking for the most suitable eyeliner
4) Contouring in Cantonese version (Last time, it was all due to Anita's question about nose contouring and also this girl from another online social circle ( who asked the same question, since I speak not so good Mandarin, this question is answered in Cantonese with English/Chinese subtitle

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Outfit of the Day (25th April 2010)

FYI: This floral dress has an underneath cover along, to protect yourself & to look great! :)

Went out to celebrate the monthly dating celebration with my boyfriend, 6 Years and 4 Months that we dated each other.... It's not that it's as special as the actual date of anniversary but the random months that we can celebrate will mean alot between us.... 

I have purchased a floral V-neck dress from, although for now this pair of open toe shoes can match the dress with low profile, I am still looking for a few more options for this dress, maybe with lower heels or something, I would love it if any of you can leave me some suggestions....

Happy 6 Years and 4 Months & I love you, Mr K.Lai

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Purple Lower Lashline inspired by Choc Magazine

Choc (Taiwanese) is indeed my favourite magazine in both fashion and make up as the clothes and the mix and match there suit my taste and the make up tutorials are mainly very straight forward as long as u own the listed colors, as I think substitutions can be considered :)

The main point of this look is to keep the eyelids as simple as possible, such as a single color will do and that there will be more colors around the lower lashlines

1) Fill 2/3 of your lower lash line with a sapphire blue or a shimmer blue

2) Blend the blue and the purple together so there's a connection between the two colors

And I turned Step 3 & 4 another way...

3) Apply white liner on the tear duct to make your eyes pop

4) Apply pink blusher on the apple of your cheeks in circular motions.

The outcome is that my make up is rather more subtle comparing with the model on magazine:

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


(A school that my parents sent me to between Sep 1999-Jul 2002) To be honest, it's a school that I loved and hated, I hated there because of my realization that I could barely get on well with people in my year, plus the bitchiness anyone could imagine in an all girls' school and also many reasons there had been that are unexplainable even I left this school for many years.  However, the reason I loved this school is because of the education it has given me and the teachers there were my inspirations throughout the 3 years school life at The Towers....

Miss Morgan was one of my favourite teacher, she taught Religious Studies and English Second Language... The inspirations came from her when I took her Religious Studies classes and also she became one of the teachers I confided in... She was an inspiration for all the Hong Kong girls which includes me too! Miss Morgan was a great listener with a kind heart and she was the first teacher who gave so much to stop my tears running...

It was just a matter of hours that Irene informed me that Miss Morgan passed away yesterday (12th April 2010), again, I cried like the time a relative friend of mine passed away in September....

Thank you for everything to me during my school life at The Towers, may Miss Morgan rest in peace!

A song dedicated to Miss Morgan, a loving teacher with the greatest inspirations to all. 
(Yesterday- Leona Lewis)

More Free Music at

Friday, 9 April 2010

Cover Girl For Mono Mania from video "Review on Online Shopping Websites"

The latest news of mono-mania website included my youtube video into their offical website, however, the ones in mono-mania's website was specially editted for the administrator as they deserve supports for their great service spirit, and I would like to show my faith in them by expressing my thoughts like other products reviews I do

Just uploaded this since yesterday 8th Apr 2010 "Review on Online Shopping Websites", the original video included talking about my 1st time shopping ever for (refer to original video: and also talking about and it is for sure that I will shop for mono-mania.

I have disclaimed in both english (on info of video) as well as Chinese (that's for Agnes to explain to customers)

This is for sure I will shop at and recommend this shopping website to all my subs and others who have great passion in asian skin care and cosmetics...

Again, Thank you, Agnes, u're also helping me to get others to know about my youtube, I am not asking you to advertise me for free.  All my thoughts and many thanks to someone who deserve it as well as it's all about achieving targets as to become a style consultant

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All About Me (other information on blog)

It's my bad I haven't introduced myself ever since my first video.... I am sorry I am not good at introducing myself at all :( but anyways, I have answered the questions whatever everyone's been wondering ever since my 1st video & when I broadcast at (FYI: Meet me Live @

There's also something I been wondering is that now I have 3XX subs on the list, but none of them ever ask why haven't I run any contest yet, but here's my explanation:
1) I have a few friends in Hong Kong who I miss so much and I really can't help but make a collection of stuff before I send them, especially to those I still owe birthday presents to!
2) After satisfying real friends, a few subs on my list are the next listed people to satisfy... They're the ones who been there for since my early stage on youtube.... They're the 2nd category of friends who I feel that are close to me in a sense
3) I am waiting for 888th sub to come to me as my 1st contest (cuz it's 888 means something lucky in chinese)
4) contest prizes are headaches, and I will need to think about themes for it as well!

May I disclaim that I am not a self obsessed whore seeking for popularity although I would admit I am an attention seeker at the moment.... The reason for opening a fan page is all because I wanna get the non-youtube users who likes my videos to be kept updated!  Hopefully my hard efforts will be appreciated by others too, and also to share more of my own creativity by recruiting more make up models which I have gathered in another group in facebook

Friday, 2 April 2010

The coming most wanted items when I get paid

The Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette- It works as a concealer palette, but I just don't know which are the tones which will suit my skin tone, and it is an Australian/US brand, the unique selling point of this concealer- the texture is hydrated and plenty of moistures in there, the make up will not look cakey or dried..

Shoes from Killah, from

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
I have a feeling that I am gotta change a different foundation when my Armani foundation is used up soon... I always like to look for foundation which provides a thinner texture but to make my skin looking more smooth...

But other than that, I won't be spending 100% of my wages just on make up and clothes as I am planning for 2 trips to go, 1 is to go to Greece and the other one is to go back to Hong Kong to visit home...