Tuesday, 13 April 2010


(A school that my parents sent me to between Sep 1999-Jul 2002) To be honest, it's a school that I loved and hated, I hated there because of my realization that I could barely get on well with people in my year, plus the bitchiness anyone could imagine in an all girls' school and also many reasons there had been that are unexplainable even I left this school for many years.  However, the reason I loved this school is because of the education it has given me and the teachers there were my inspirations throughout the 3 years school life at The Towers....

Miss Morgan was one of my favourite teacher, she taught Religious Studies and English Second Language... The inspirations came from her when I took her Religious Studies classes and also she became one of the teachers I confided in... She was an inspiration for all the Hong Kong girls which includes me too! Miss Morgan was a great listener with a kind heart and she was the first teacher who gave so much to stop my tears running...

It was just a matter of hours that Irene informed me that Miss Morgan passed away yesterday (12th April 2010), again, I cried like the time a relative friend of mine passed away in September....

Thank you for everything to me during my school life at The Towers, may Miss Morgan rest in peace!

A song dedicated to Miss Morgan, a loving teacher with the greatest inspirations to all. 
(Yesterday- Leona Lewis)

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