Thursday, 22 April 2010

Purple Lower Lashline inspired by Choc Magazine

Choc (Taiwanese) is indeed my favourite magazine in both fashion and make up as the clothes and the mix and match there suit my taste and the make up tutorials are mainly very straight forward as long as u own the listed colors, as I think substitutions can be considered :)

The main point of this look is to keep the eyelids as simple as possible, such as a single color will do and that there will be more colors around the lower lashlines

1) Fill 2/3 of your lower lash line with a sapphire blue or a shimmer blue

2) Blend the blue and the purple together so there's a connection between the two colors

And I turned Step 3 & 4 another way...

3) Apply white liner on the tear duct to make your eyes pop

4) Apply pink blusher on the apple of your cheeks in circular motions.

The outcome is that my make up is rather more subtle comparing with the model on magazine:

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