Monday, 26 April 2010

The next 4 videos that will come

So far I have listed the ideas of videos I will do on youtube, but I have prioritized these few ones to be uploaded soon

1) Tag video: Descriptions of handbags you use the most (I will tag exquisitejenn, yellowscarevedninja, prettyholic, yoyoecho, and those others who will upload their videos frequently)

2) Shu Uemura's Gem Glam Advert Inspired Look (this is featuring a make up model-Anita, I would like to post this video up before she has any exams to go)

Answers to Questions:
3) Eyeliner textures and tips- This is based on ilovemascara's question about looking for the most suitable eyeliner
4) Contouring in Cantonese version (Last time, it was all due to Anita's question about nose contouring and also this girl from another online social circle ( who asked the same question, since I speak not so good Mandarin, this question is answered in Cantonese with English/Chinese subtitle


Joanne kw said...

haha ironic i'm asking about eyeliner, i'll ask about mascara the next time :p

sweetkuromi said...

re: Joanne
That's ok, u can ask anything u want to, I will try my best to answer it if I know the answer