Friday, 9 April 2010

Cover Girl For Mono Mania from video "Review on Online Shopping Websites"

The latest news of mono-mania website included my youtube video into their offical website, however, the ones in mono-mania's website was specially editted for the administrator as they deserve supports for their great service spirit, and I would like to show my faith in them by expressing my thoughts like other products reviews I do

Just uploaded this since yesterday 8th Apr 2010 "Review on Online Shopping Websites", the original video included talking about my 1st time shopping ever for (refer to original video: and also talking about and it is for sure that I will shop for mono-mania.

I have disclaimed in both english (on info of video) as well as Chinese (that's for Agnes to explain to customers)

This is for sure I will shop at and recommend this shopping website to all my subs and others who have great passion in asian skin care and cosmetics...

Again, Thank you, Agnes, u're also helping me to get others to know about my youtube, I am not asking you to advertise me for free.  All my thoughts and many thanks to someone who deserve it as well as it's all about achieving targets as to become a style consultant

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