Saturday, 18 September 2010

2 Looks 1 Video- Make Up Look for Wearing Glasses

Looks inspired by Choc Magazine (magazine from Taiwan)
Introduction: Both looks are intensively focused on blendings from experience of doing the make up look previously and when I eventually decide to show you all this as a tutorial

Look 1-Make Up look with black framed glasses (Blending a combination between nude/beige and pink)

Start off with the beige or champage eyeshadow on your lids

Apply liquid liner on your lashlines with a thin line, all you need is a thin line that doesn't over-rule the make up you have

Also line the lash root or the inner part to fill up the gaps between the lash roots

Apply mascara

Don't forget your lower lashes, you will need to build some intensity in on the lower lashes in order to enlarge your eyes more.

Blend a red/burgundy/pink eyeshadow on the outter corner for your eyelid in circular motions.

I have also print screened the listed products you can use to substitute the products I've used personally

Especially, please check out (for available international retail products)
 MAC Lalaland
Laura Mercier Tulip

Look 2- Make Up with multi-colored framed glasses (Intensive blending away the hash lines)

Apply black eyeliner gel from the middle of your lids (upwards)

Use the same black gel liner and apply it on the 1/3 of the lower lashlines.

Blend the hash lines on the eyeliner with a brown eyeshadow

Fill the rest of your lids with a beige/nude eyeshadow.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara in a zigzag stroke.

By the way, I haven't done the tutorial in the order same to the magazine tutorial, but I hope you will still get the same idea, but I tend to elaborate a few things in my own version so the viewers will get the plausible idea whether it works for them or not and hopefully, what viewers should be aware of will be noticeable in the make up tutorial!

Moving out announcement:
It's my last day on the internet today, and I think there may be likely the difficulty for me to get online in the coming 2-4 weeks!  I will miss you all meanwhile but I promise I will be back soon!  Don't forget me, keep leaving me messages- I might be able to make a few replies if I am lucky =)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Like OMG: Randomly True

I don't know why I am updating my blog or making videos at this time of the night like 12am-1am, like OMG! but it took me almost an hour just to get this newly style video done because my camera kept running out of battery!! **cursing like a mad woman** However, the make of this video is inspired by strawbeefull.

As her video was themed as a monthly chit chat to interact with her viewers, whereas for myself, although I do interact with viewers already, maybe I think personality will make a better interaction with those watch your videos as make up techniques, product hauls became very fundamental actions to show yourself physically on the screen.  I was so inspired by strawbeefull that she decided to make this video a chit chat that I hope the make responding to how much she inspired me will show she deserves all the privileges and credits from everyone who watched her videos!

Whereas for myself- I show myself to people with being as original of myself as possible, no make up, a slight confession that I am not perfect and that yes, one thing people should know is that 
"Nothing of me is original, I am the combined efforts of everyone i've ever known."
This quote is certainly NOT a negativity to accuse people of who's copying who, it's in fact quote that brings the message to me and everyone else that no one is original in whatever you do because you start with zero, you get information and you build up your own perceptions to the information received.... then people tells u their ideas, you might change the perception from people's words about the information, so you are learning too!  Ever since I have started my first video on youtube until now, I have learnt so much from the other youtube users, and I will need every one of your support to help me to become a better person throughout!

Abit of confession, I am not a good listener, that's why I am learning.... Chinese people always have a say "True words never go in your ears", in fact, I am the kind of person who became reluctant to criticisms, in fact, I am better with refiltering what people tells me, if I agree with their words, I will make adjustments to improve myself.... However, throughout my life, the type of criticism I will not give & take would be assumptions with accusations which can tear up my self-esteem.

Thanks for those who would read my blog thoroughly, listen up to my expressions in my videos.  All of you who show that you will be there for me are deeply appreciated!

Like OMG, I am still struggling along with the house hunting process.... and I hope I will soon get going with Autumn Fashion Tips video with some mix and match of my existing clothes to bring the most efficient tips for all as well as the time go shopping for the new clothes to wear and the new fashion tips soon.... Ever since I've been back to UK almost a year, I start to love Autumn as much as I love Winter now! =)

Like OMG: Fortune Cookies, I really appreciate the recent ones I opened

I hope you can read clearly of what it says =) and I hope I am able to pass my luck to those who deserve it too!

sweetkuromi loves green tea like OMG, lol.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

An interesting article to share

I thought this is worth sharing amongst those who's been reading my blog and youtube about this article, so most of you will know about the negatives of an employee might have will be a good contribution to where you work.  This is a research based on just saying how employees who turn up work late may benefit the firm and other things.

1) Always late for work: The later the better of performance (capable of late night shifts)
2) Lazy: Daydreamers always tend to give better ideas (I am seriously day-dreamer =D I might not be able to give the most efficient ideas but abit of imagination into the situations tend to be helpful to look for the answers)
3) Pressurized: Quick-witted, things are done efficiently and quick
4) Conceited: Quick Decision makers
5) Stressful=Creative (That's me)
6) Fakers=Lying is always the way to make someone feel better
7) Gossiping= It's a way to create atmosphere in the working environment
8) Emotional= These people are good memorising things
9) Over Ambitious= These employees will become more protective to what benefits them
10) Anti-Social= Great material of a leader

I hope the sharing of this article will give you the ideas of strengths you have when u're in a working environment, believe in the strengths you have!  I don't use to think I am a gossiper, but now I do since I am the actual ice breaker in the social circle, but yes, I am abit of a bitch when I do talk about people I don't like.... so another blog entry to show you all- I am not perfect but I do defend my friends too!