Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hot Tag by Deanna (makeupbysnowbunny2022)

Sorry, it has been some while ago when Deanna tagged me for her 100th post and the "Stylish Blog Award", but thank you, Deanna.... Deanna is a great beauty blogger as she always comes to read my latest blog entries, take time to watch my youtube videos! By all means, she becomes one of my best friends for this beauty blogging circle.  Here is this HOT photo of her, please don't forget to follow her blog & youtube channel

The tag (5 random facts about me (sweetkuromi))- Catch them all, some are really worth knowing!
1)I am the only child in my family, like most any other Hong Kong Chinese middle class families.
2) I have a big ugly scar on my right thigh due to a removal operation of something called "cyst wall" in 2005.
3) I started school in UK when I was 9, and completed education in UK when I was 18, and only returned to the UK since October 2009.
4) I can speak 4 languages: 
a)mother tongue Cantonese
b)English in fluent British accent
c) shit Mandarin that needs to be fixed
d) shit French, but just a little better than the Mandarin
5) In most events, I can be an ice-breaker in a cold and silent atmosphere, I make sure everyone have their own say and that I done the right thing so no one's left out...

The 5 people I would like to tag:

Have fun and let me get to know the "YOU" behind the computer screen/camera

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fasting from shopping (25th June 2010-9th July 2010)

Today: 3rd day/15 days

I know this may seemed pointless to do it cuz we all love shopping!  Especially I am really thinking hard for the coming contest for getting 1000 subs...there will be more contests running, but for now, I am gotta take a rest from shopping for make up, so it proves that I can stay away from temptation and a comfort to make my bf happy sometimes...

The fasting started since 25th June 2010, and it will be running for 2 weeks... 25th June 2010-9th July 2010, I believe it can't be held any longer than 2 weeks cuz I already have 900 subs at this present moment, I hope I can hope the contest prizes will sent off by the end of July and so on.... I won't be making a contest announcement until I have completed shopping for this contest....


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Make Up Look Inspired by Roses

I actually never been out to the back garden much, but it's been a while ago since I noticed the existence of the rose bushes, but I would never dare to pick those roses, and after that certain discussion with my boyfriend, he mentioned that the spider webs really put him off from picking the roses to impress me.... Just today, I had the experience for picking the roses from those bushes, n scraping those thongs off without getting pricked on the fingers, lol.

The actual inspired eye make up so far, please let me know if this is worth showing on video tutorials... this look is a very simple look but I have applied my eyes with something slight extra such as the the false lashes along with the double wings on the eyes with eyeliners (black on the lids and olive green on the lower lash lines)

If  you all agree this is a good make up tutorial worth showing on video, I will go on make up tutorial with colour contact lenses... but which color? green or brown/hazel?

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fashion Maniac Mode! OMG

There are days I wanna try and make a video of clothes I purchased from puxzycat.com, unfortunately, I don't have a sufficient amount of clothes to make fashion videos recently, especially I am the kind of person who's far too devoted into Wintry fashion! O, My God!  But anyways, I found another website of clothing items I really like! Thought it would be nice to share, the items I would die for this Summer!

I think this 2 attached top together look really cute, but I am trying to transform my original girly into boyfriend rocking style instead, I no longer hear my boyfriend's complaints about everything I wear is "That's far too formal!!!"

I just love the design of this cardigan... and there are colors to select from too!

I am crazy about ruffles too! <3

Let's make this entry a discussion of your thoughts in my fashion tastes and items to die for!

sweetkuromi <3

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Happy Father's Day and my Dad's always my pride..

I wish I could make it a tag on my youtube video, however, I can't cuz my skin condition is rather bad this week, so I would decide to give my daddy a shout out by this blog here.... Start with some facts about my dad:
Nationality: Obviously Chinese
Zodiac: Gemini
Occupation: A policeman in Hong Kong

These are the most fundamental facts I can tell you all because I don't want to disclose too much in the world of internet, but I wouldn't mind to describe my dad from my own personal point of view.... For 24 years of my life, this Daddy of mine is my pride.... Although I admit that I have my rebel side and my dad has his annoying moments being a very judgemental person (he has an occupation disorder) with a police vs criminal interviewing mode.... I am still proud to have him as my Dad because...

-My daddy is a sweetheart daddy! He cooks my fave dishes for dinner, so I won't have to stress about what to eat everyday I come home from work.

-He makes the best family gatherings during holidays and evenings, he would bring movie DVDs home.... he will always have some fresh fruits and delicious healthy snacks ready!

-He is a very personable man to his friends which I have witnessed for many years of my life.

-We both are very alike, as both of us are very outgoing! Both of us can never sit still!

-He offered to drive me to work when I had to reach the office by 4am (I worked for the earliest shift of my life when I worked for Cathay Pacific) and another lift to work when I literally overslept!!

-Obviously because I love my dad!!

I love you, dad! and I do miss u alot as I am in the UK now..... There's no other daddy in the world can replace u in my heart! U're always my beloved daddy and the sweetheart daddy I am always proud of

Friday, 18 June 2010

Jewel Eyes Inspired by Choc magazine (Taiwanese)

This inspired look is quick and easy if u got just everything u need! and of course, a pair of long dangling earrings with some gems would be nice to make this look detailed and sparks your look thru-out!

Step 1) Apply a light gold eyeshadow around your eyes, but you may need to apply extra on the brow bones to volume the depth for your eyes.  For a similar colour, I have used Bobbi Brown- Champagne Quartz 2.

Step 2) Line your lash lines to make your eyes pop.

Step 3) Apply turqoise liner on just 1/3 of the outter part of your eyes, and a width about 2mm.  For my own product used, I have combined the colors from the Sleek Original Palette and the Marjorie Bertagne palette together.

Step 4) Apply pink eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lower lashlines, for my own product, I have used Model's Own- Fuchsia Pink pencil liner to do so.

Look for a pair of false lashes, trim and layer them on the outter half of your eyes.  The false lashes that I own with silver streaks are from Claire's Accessories.

For cheeks, I just use whatever is closest color to the original product.  The original product for this look is a bronzer from Estee Lauder.

Lips- Select a glossy & light pink lipstick for this look, but for myself, I just applied a light pink lipstick and coat a clear lip gloss on top afterwards.

I have also matched a pair of earrings (Dior) for this look, because I feel that long dangling earrings have the advantages of making mix and match connections between the make up look, and the outfit you wear, furthermore, it helps to adjust chubby cheeks to a slimmer looking face shape.

The color contact lenses I have used was FreshKon-Misty Grey.

Here's the earring that I was wearing for the video, it's a present from my boyfriend long time ago, if any of you own the same pair as me, I would never suggest you to go clubbing with earrings cuz I had bad experience of losing dangling earrings when I was in a night club

Friday, 4 June 2010

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Street Dance & Make Up Experiment I made

The movie I watched today:

(Just show you all the trailer first, lol, but I look forward to watch Step 3 on 3D MORE!!)

Please refer to the original look of Phyllis Li here on this link:

And also my own version

Indeed, I have made my make up experiment on video somehow different from the way I used to do it- Instead of demonstrating the whole process of this look, I juz highlighted the products I have used to make this look, especially this is juz a v. simple look bt one stroke for each area to complete the look.... I hope this look as my experiment on make up techniques and products will be a good way of making my make up experiment videos...