Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fashion Maniac Mode! OMG

There are days I wanna try and make a video of clothes I purchased from, unfortunately, I don't have a sufficient amount of clothes to make fashion videos recently, especially I am the kind of person who's far too devoted into Wintry fashion! O, My God!  But anyways, I found another website of clothing items I really like! Thought it would be nice to share, the items I would die for this Summer!

I think this 2 attached top together look really cute, but I am trying to transform my original girly into boyfriend rocking style instead, I no longer hear my boyfriend's complaints about everything I wear is "That's far too formal!!!"

I just love the design of this cardigan... and there are colors to select from too!

I am crazy about ruffles too! <3

Let's make this entry a discussion of your thoughts in my fashion tastes and items to die for!

sweetkuromi <3


Anonymous said...

wow love these lots! the last pic of the girl looks like you.

sweetkuromi (Ronnie) said...

re: Deanna
nah, she's a catalogue model, I wish there is one time of my life I can be in a catalogue as model, hehe