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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fasting from shopping (25th June 2010-9th July 2010)

Today: 3rd day/15 days

I know this may seemed pointless to do it cuz we all love shopping!  Especially I am really thinking hard for the coming contest for getting 1000 subs...there will be more contests running, but for now, I am gotta take a rest from shopping for make up, so it proves that I can stay away from temptation and a comfort to make my bf happy sometimes...

The fasting started since 25th June 2010, and it will be running for 2 weeks... 25th June 2010-9th July 2010, I believe it can't be held any longer than 2 weeks cuz I already have 900 subs at this present moment, I hope I can hope the contest prizes will sent off by the end of July and so on.... I won't be making a contest announcement until I have completed shopping for this contest....


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.....InStyle.... said...

wowow...very original.....i like as always your outfit!!!! now you can see my last blog...about beach!