Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Make Up Look Inspired by Roses

I actually never been out to the back garden much, but it's been a while ago since I noticed the existence of the rose bushes, but I would never dare to pick those roses, and after that certain discussion with my boyfriend, he mentioned that the spider webs really put him off from picking the roses to impress me.... Just today, I had the experience for picking the roses from those bushes, n scraping those thongs off without getting pricked on the fingers, lol.

The actual inspired eye make up so far, please let me know if this is worth showing on video tutorials... this look is a very simple look but I have applied my eyes with something slight extra such as the the false lashes along with the double wings on the eyes with eyeliners (black on the lids and olive green on the lower lash lines)

If  you all agree this is a good make up tutorial worth showing on video, I will go on make up tutorial with colour contact lenses... but which color? green or brown/hazel?


Anonymous said...

This is cute I'd love to see how you lined your eyes like that.

Anonymous said...

I think hazel will look more natural with this type pf makeup!