Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hot Tag by Deanna (makeupbysnowbunny2022)

Sorry, it has been some while ago when Deanna tagged me for her 100th post and the "Stylish Blog Award", but thank you, Deanna.... Deanna is a great beauty blogger as she always comes to read my latest blog entries, take time to watch my youtube videos! By all means, she becomes one of my best friends for this beauty blogging circle.  Here is this HOT photo of her, please don't forget to follow her blog & youtube channel

The tag (5 random facts about me (sweetkuromi))- Catch them all, some are really worth knowing!
1)I am the only child in my family, like most any other Hong Kong Chinese middle class families.
2) I have a big ugly scar on my right thigh due to a removal operation of something called "cyst wall" in 2005.
3) I started school in UK when I was 9, and completed education in UK when I was 18, and only returned to the UK since October 2009.
4) I can speak 4 languages: 
a)mother tongue Cantonese
b)English in fluent British accent
c) shit Mandarin that needs to be fixed
d) shit French, but just a little better than the Mandarin
5) In most events, I can be an ice-breaker in a cold and silent atmosphere, I make sure everyone have their own say and that I done the right thing so no one's left out...

The 5 people I would like to tag:

Have fun and let me get to know the "YOU" behind the computer screen/camera


Anonymous said...

Heehee :)

sweetkuromi (Ronnie) said...

re: Deanna
I hope more people will get to know u too then! =)

'chelle said...

Great to know you a little better Ronnie! I need to learn Mandarin too but my Canto needs to be fixed up 1st haha.

Thanks for tagging me!!

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

I just realised you tagged me when I was reading your blog :P hehehe

It is great to know about you ;)

I'll do this tag tomorrow. Hope it's not too late