Saturday, 3 July 2010

My hesitation for Concealers

Fasting from shopping: 8 days/15 days

Although I haven't been shopping or spending any extra money on make up or clothes, I guess it's harmless to look and to THINK the items I need it or not, and I have the hesitation between the need of a concealer or not, in fact, having one would be better than not having one at all since having a pair of glowing eyes and a glowing flawless complexion are the whole objectives of uses in make up!

I have looked around Boots for the Ruby & Millie counter, and found that their concealer Duo has the similar texture as Cinema Secrets foundation palette....

Today, I had a look around the "House Of Fraser Outlet", and found that Calvin Klein cosmetics had caught my attention, I have found the concealer with 3 colors, with the straight forward instinct, I already know that the one I need would be a neatral medium color that suits Chinese skin tone

I would be wondering if anyone has ever used either of these products and perhaps leave me a hint which one to buy, the Ruby & Millie one is about £10.50, a little too expensive for this tiny container, and the Calvin Klein concealer is about £8.99, bt the substance gets really watery after months and something... but yet, the advantage of Calvin Klein concealer is that it's also a very creamy hydrating one...

I shall leave a poll for you all to vote and the place here to comment to be an answer to my question, thank you!

  • Calvin Klein Endless Light Brightening Concealer
  • Ruby & Millie Concealer Duo


Ria said...

Hey Ronnie!
I think you should go for the duo,because you can mix the 2 shades to your liking.

sweetkuromi (Ronnie) said...

re: Ria
Thanks so much for ur reply =) and ur so fast at responding... lol

DeyiMizu said...

I did your tag entry after like 2 wks~haha~sorry