Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sorry for not updating my blog

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating is blog, since GOD KNOWS how long for, lol.  The busiest time of the year for me is approaching around July, August, September all the way in my life so far!  In fact I have tried to keep everything together before making an update, however, it's kind of hard, lol, cuz time fades the interests of viewers from my point of view!

Update: Met up with a youtube make up guru (13th July)
What have I done so far? I have finally met Jess just this Tuesday (13th July 2010) and I am still waiting for the photos she took to put into my video before I upload it on youtube as some of my subscribers and viewers have been looking forward to see what she's like, and I hope she will also reach 500 subs by the end of summer too, it will definitely mean so much to her as well as a way to show her support to the competition to win the contact to the NEXT model in the following.... Just a photo or two now to show you whatever we took after the make up tutorial at Illamasqua in BHam Selfridges counter

Indeed, it was my boyfriend who also accompanied me to meet up with Jess, and by the way, I won't be showing this photo in my video... so this is just for my blog friends to see... I might consider to show more pictures of my boyfriend if there is more special occasions that both of us are going to take photos...

Facts about Jess (strawbeefull)
British Born Chinese
Upcoming: Participating the NEXT top 100 model in London

.....OK, update: Giveaway contest on youtube!!
I am reaching 1000 subscribers absolutely soon, I will be running a giveaway, and I would like to get my blog friends involved in the contest, however, there will be only ONE WINNER for each side (the youtube side and the blogspot side).... but before this announcement video uploads, I would like to make it 30 followers giveaway as well..... For any updates, stay tuned, ladies!


Anonymous said...

cool pics you all look lovely hehee. Congrats on your upcoming subbs and it's okay you still have my attention no matter if your outlook and bloggin changes. :)

'chelle said...

Nice to see you blogging again! You look gorgeous in these photos hun =) You and your man are so cute together btw!

vnikali said...

i love ur hair!
nice blog!

Rinny said...

You all look great in the photos! And that's so cool how you met a youtube guru in real life! :)

Amy said...

Hiya, thanks for the lovely comment and the follow!

Ahh your Hong Kong chinese too! Nice! Except I was born here..:( But my boyfriend is from HK! <3

:) Xx

.....InStyle.... said...

the blonde style after 1 month is back!YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING!.....ALWAYS ORIGINAL.....lovely...NOW MY NEW POST ON BLOG!!