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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Update after watching Toy Story 3

It was yesterday that I watched Toy Story 3 for Orange Wednesday..... My boyfriend & I had been looking forward to the release to the movie and I swear it was nothing disappointing at all as well as saying the next movie I'm looking forward to watch will be Step 3 in 3D!

Might be abit of rambling on, Toy Story has always given me the  impression of starting with adventurous at the beginning of the movie and it's often a friendship building scene during the adventure goes on.... Toy Story 3 gave me the feeling of everything, and the fact that Andy proves that he still loves his toys even he is on a new path going into college, from my personal experience, I have like loads of cute cuddly toys around me and they are the cuddly toys that witnessed the relationship between my boyfriend and I, and been alot of comfort to me when I cry and also been sharing the joy with me when happiness come upon me... nowadays, these cuddly toys are also my audience to when I film a make up tutorial, reviews and even meet the people on blogtv once in a while too... Might sound all insane and immature, but like Woody says toys are there for you.... and like my cuddly toys... I think they are always there for me to different events


Xoxo~SnowBunny2022 said...

:) still have to watch it myself

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

I'm not a big fan of Toy Story but that's a nice story line. I can totally relate to it. I still have almost all my soft toys, and I still sleep with them. I brought all of them to Melbourne. Heehee. They sleep on my bed and I still cuddle them at night. I know I am such a BIG baby!


Elisa Lee said...

Even totoro was in it ! =D
Thank you for following me and stopping by my blog Ronnie ^^! I just added you too and sure, would love to be friends with you and share my thoughts =) Where do you live now at the moment?

Elisa Lee said...

Ohh that's nice ^^! I bought my Catrice products at a drugstore in Holland :), its a Dutch drugstore. Not sure if you can buy these products elsewhere.

Rinny said...

Ahh I've gotta see this! Everyone keeps talking about how good it is ><

ExquisiteJenn said...

I still have to watch this too. My co-workers have already watched it & they said it was really good. They also cried during the movie. hehe