Thursday, 29 December 2011

Update: Haircut and replies to some comments

First of all, let me reply to the comments that I have received in relations to the outfits I wore to the parties and the photos I showed you all:
Reply to Michelle
I think the beige dress is also a chiffon type of material, I hope if you ever run an engagement party, u will find a dress as gorgeous! Hey don't forget to let me know what size cardigan would you like me to find for you? same size as to what I am wearing? Size 10 or smaller? Let me know!
Here's the cardigan to recap ur memory
Reply to The Girlie Blogger
Hehe, my boyfriend does care about me, but Shane's not my boyfriend (for your information), he's a co-worker I work with... Well, I know I should appreciate the fact that my boyfriend cares so much that he doesn't let me go to parties late at night so I don't put myself at risk, but it's too impossible NOT to go out at all though

Reply to Rinny
Lol, I have more than one eye candy besides Sam... There are 2 (one's a half Filipino Spanish mixed race and this Filipino guy that works in Gucci!!) that I am actually waiting for the chance to take pictures with... Hmm, so which eye candy did you think that's good looking? The pretty boy in the denim jacket from the prev blog entry OR u literally meaning Sam? hahaaha!  Yes, it would be nice if u do come to UK and let me show u around the dep store I work in to show u all my eye candies!! *wink*

Between 12th-14th Dec, my boyfriend and I went to London for his birthday trip, it was nice to meet my long time no see best friend LaiYeng again, though she's still that same shy girl I met from day 1, she's still that girly I confide in closely and alot in common... Well, other than that, my boyfriend booked the Japanese salon for a haircut, he asked me if I would like to try the Japanese hairstylist's creativity... it took abit of hesitation, but in the end... I finally had it cut.... and it's been 2 weeks I had my haircut, but Im still not used it!! :(

This is the haircut that I found from the Japanese magazine that I like, but I can never do the same as hers :(

That's what mine looks like now: (well, photos of my decent hair day)

Well, it would basically depends on if it's good OR bad hair day to make me like my hair or not... unlike the days I have long hair that's easier to fix by a straightener, as the straightener made me look more like an aunty after using it occasiocally :(

Saturday, 17 December 2011

OOTD highlights in December (Part 2) & Moment of Life

This outfit of the day on the Dec 2011 Part 2 will only be highlighting on just one outfit for the time being as this update is not only going to be based on fashion alone but also mentioning abit of something that touches my heart from the party... OK, first thing first, what I wore on the party with the beauty department of the department store (Selfridges) I work for:

After I finished filming the video for this outfit of the day, I would leave home with something warm on myself ;)

During dressing up for the night, I was trying really hard on setting this hairdo that my hairdresser in Hong Kong did for me on the count down for Year 2007... but of course... from what you can see for 11th Dec 2011... It was a major fail :(

For the rest of night, I really didn't get to take loads of pictures, but well... here's some to keep everyone's eyes opened and hopefully to keep you guys all staying tuned

This last picture is taken with one of my eye candies, Sam, LOL. I know I have a boyfriend, but sorry, I still have to say it from what my eyes tell me: I THINK HE'S CUTE >.<

Moment of Life: Like I said, not everything in my blog is always based on beauty blogging, sometimes, talking from experience to viewers... or to share my feelings in the category on moment of life...Basically for the night I was drinking (well, in between not alot and alot), and I wasn't too drunk to do anything silly but I wasn't in a sober status enough to reassure everyone my safety home....

I promised my boyfriend for the night that I would be going home anytime before 1am as we were to go to London the next day, plus, he didn't want me to go to the drinking party at all that I would and I should give him every benefit he deserves... in fact, also the trust.... 

As soon as one of the guys Shane said he was thinking of going elsewhere for the night, we left Tribeca together, and I was about to walk home alone like I usually do after getting off the bus from work in the town centre, Shane showed his disagreement on what I was doing and insisted picking options on either following him to the next place for a drink OR allow him to lend me the taxi money as there was no ATMs nearby.

The result: Of course I got home safe, and that I need to find the most perfect timing to pay him back the taxi money I owed him. In case viewers and bloggers asked why I can't return him money while we were on duty at counters, reason is cuz of the staff regulation with staff's personal money and belongings at the counter. (I don't think people would be interested in hearing all the policies, LOL)

Overall from this blog entry, besides just talking about fashion and makeup, I would also like to share my appreciation to Shane for being one of the nicest guys I met at work and also his effort in making sure my safety back home after the party... Thank you so much!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

OOTD highlights in December (Part 1)

Well, December will the busiest time of year of Selfridges, so much to look forward to and yet, so much to do... however, with blogging, I decided to make December the one for highlighting some outfits for viewers and readers on outfits, so here comes part one about some special outfit I wore for work and parties...
and of course enjoy the videos too!

OOTD 2nd Dec- Dinner with RMK Colleagues & Selfridges Party at TigerTiger
Thanks for those who had been putting in suggestion on which dress to pick for the dinner and party, however, in the end I looked back on the first dress I spotted on asos and decided that it's the one I should go for, hope you guys still like what I picked as a verdict (dress ordered from asos)
This cardigan is honestly mega warm... but dont know I sneezed like 4 times in one minute while I was waiting for Lin outside tigertiger... sounded like I do feel unwell for that moment, LOL (PS. I had long coat on as well)

For the night, here are some photos of the dinner at the thai restaurant

Here's what my Xmas secret santa got me and what I got her too:

And for later the night after dinner, I went to the Selfridges party with my new friend Lin who also works ar Selfridges (but she works for Burberry)
One of the cute guys that work in the same dep store as me (from different counter)... hehe, by the time I saw him, he was already half way drunk, awwwwww
Here's one of my favourite girl-Aesha (Indo-Chinese girl), mega pretty and mega sweet!
One of the nicest guys I know in Selfridges, the coach for till training, he is funny and a very bubbly man... and honestly personable, so glad he came too ^_^

Sorry, my feet were killing... resting......

As I mentioned some frustrated moment with the day, apart from the not workin ATMs that's been pissing off.... well, guess what?! I promised my boyfriend a Mcdonald's to take home for him, I was lining up at the nearest Mcdonalds between our home and the thai restaurant... well, the lady in front of me took forever to order, and by the time it was my turn, people on the side jumped in... and of course I was already there before her, she didn't even ask if I was in the queue but butts in straight away... I kind of got annoyed with waiting, and no one was serving, it just kind of got to me that I have to say something to that bitch who butts in the queue... and all she said was "Sorry, I didn't see you there!"...... Unbelievable!  In the end, my boyfriend complains about my time management... but he never showed one bit of agreeing with my feelings, grrrr.....

OOTD on 25th, 26th Nov, AND  1st, 2nd Dec
The first outfit was already out on my youtube channel about what I wore for different events that I participated for December 11.  This outfit was being picked by my manager for the whole counter to wear since the Christmas Comes Early event ran between 23rd-27th Dec 2011 as we were set as Christmas theme for any event we run... Hope u guys like it, but I certainly liked what my manager picked... at first, I wasnt very confident in wearing the dress, but after showing my boyfriend the dress, it turned out that he likes it which makes me like the dress even more

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fashion tips wanted, thank you!

This fashion blog will be based on my deep down questions on mix and match... and stressed about what to get for the upcoming arranged Xmas dinner with my 3 colleagues who work on the RMK counter together.  Why stressed? Because I've been finding it hard to stay away from the black when none of these items are for the purpose of working at all!
Question 1) Wine Chiffon Kimono top
I recently exchanged the yellow skirt back to the Jane Norman shop for this top, it's a colour that I have never laid my hands on... as I already have a blue top that looks so similar, though the description gave the tips that I should go with super skinny jeans, well guess what? The skinny jeans I have in the wardrobe just don't go at all! Please someone tell me, what colour is likely to go best with this top and I would appreciate if there's any link of an item or the appropriate type of trousers to match it

Question 2) Metallic Jeans (my recent most wanted)

I had a try on these jeans first for my size and the opinion from my boyfriend if I should buy it or not, the outcome is my boyfriend said these jeans are not bad, but seeing me wearing the kimono top (item above), the colours honestly don't marry at all (even I agree and honestly feel both wine tone and metallic jeans together honestly look not flattering at all), my boyfriend couldn't think of anything but black top, white top... Reason for being most wanted: the colour is simply special!
Again, any suggestion would be appreciated.

Question 3: My dearest manager just announced that the 4 of us from the RMK (Me, manager and the other 2 colleagues) will get together to dine and exchange presents during a meal out together, she suggested that we all should dress nice for the night (we are still deciding which restaurant to dine out)... I am trying to decide between these dresses of which to wear for the night, here we go!

Dress 1 Reason: I just love the design of this dress how it will help to look slimmer by the concentrating the all the creased design on the centre
Disadvantage: Revealing the bra buckles :(
Dress 2 Reason: I just simply love the colour! This purple is the tone that I love and the material makes the dress simple and classy

Dress 3 Reason: Contrast colors of the dress

Dress 4 Reason: I love the colour, the combination of black silk/chiffon covering another colour make the dress a unique colour.
Disadvantage: Concern it might look fat on me :(
Dress 5: The turquoise colour is not too exaggerating, but most importanly, it's the end of the dress that makes me fall in love with it
Disadvantage: Revealing bra buckles when I have the same concern with nude bra not being supportive to stand out my boobs more :P (need some cleavelage if I decide I pick dress 1 & dress 5)
All your answers and suggestions are appreciate, please leave your comment and if you pass by this blog, thank you!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Belated OOTD for 13th Oct 2011 (event for work)

Before deciding to order the outfit I was wearing for the Beauty Event at work, I was actually stressed about which dress to wear as it just kept me wondering if it should be "Black and Pink" or fully pink.  There was a vote between the 2 here

This is the dress that the majority voted... and it seemed to be the one that suits me better...
But this is the one that my boyfriend prefers... I love it, but I would only order it if I decide to wear itfor party purposes....

Anyway, so far I really don't regret ordering the dress as the design with the pussybow neck n the puffy end of the dress made it all unique... 

I've also mentioned in my video that I didn't film the video before I start working as I was running late for work as I didn't have a good night sleep (all thanks to my flight attendant interview friend Paula's accident calls for nothing), I totally overslept and forgot that I had one eye with and without false lashes (Eeek!)

Thanks for those who paid compliaments to me for wearing this dress and those who decided that I should order this dress, and I promise it's going to be the dress I will wear more than this one time...

And obviously... I had NO time to iron my dress before wearing it or showing the video...  but I hope my impression of grooming had not yet been ruined?! LOL... But I'm still being a good girl obeying the rules of not wearing UGGs, sneakers or open-toed shoes in the operation hours I work in the dep store... Other dress code restriction: No wearing jeans-and black is a must though no one has uniform to wear... Hopefully I can find the time to film a video of a collection of outfits I wear and to show how I manage to show my unique ideas and obeying the dress code at work... Please let me know if this video will be worth looking forward to :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

RMK Dusty Bright Eyes Tutorial (video) & Reviews on blog

The A/W collection 2011 of RMK: First introduction would be the Dusty Bright Eyes eyeshadow cream: When I first started my job at RMK, I went to the makeup training for the eyeshadow that will launch at counter and since I still haven't sent my stuff to Gwen, I asked if she wanted anything from RMK as I was telling her about this new collection of eyeshadows.... They are one of the best things to get your BFF or someone who loves makeup as
1) These cream eyeshadows are waterproof that will suit those who has concerns with oily eyelid creases
2) Very easy to apply as the packaging comes with a brush of 2 ends
3) The eyeshadow stays on until you decide to remove it by makeup remover

As I personally don't own all 6 colors, I took the leaflet from the counter to show bloggers and viewers which are the exact 6 colours that are launching of the new collection

Was filming the video of color 02- and that day I was wearing the white nail polish along (exactly being inspired by the model for this collection)... and way before my current haircut too

This photo was taken during the Day 1 the eyeshadows were launching at our counter... and also before my haircut back then...

Well, this is the pink I use... and the cream side will soon be used up soon!

Out of the 3 colours, I picked the orange as I don;t have any orange blusher in my collection.

False lashes: for both looks, I used 01 for the upper lashes and 06 as the lower lashes.  I finally know how to apply false lashes on the lower part... Hope my video does give a good explanation of it

Nail polish wise-I picked the green and the white in the middle, but in fact, I do regret picking the white as I start to fall in love with the purple.

the 2 colors that I've got-the reason I picked these 2 colours cuz they are limited editions.... the beige tends to be more of my color... but both of them are real pretty colours...

My favourite products from this Autumn/Winter collection are the Dusty Bright Eyes Deep Pink and the lower lashes 06 as the Deep Red (Pink and Red together) is so light that even when I feel I have small eyes that this combination tends to enhance elegance of my eyes.  Then as for the lower lashes, why? Cuz I simply need lower lashes to define my eyes much better...