Tuesday, 6 December 2011

OOTD highlights in December (Part 1)

Well, December will the busiest time of year of Selfridges, so much to look forward to and yet, so much to do... however, with blogging, I decided to make December the one for highlighting some outfits for viewers and readers on outfits, so here comes part one about some special outfit I wore for work and parties...
and of course enjoy the videos too!

OOTD 2nd Dec- Dinner with RMK Colleagues & Selfridges Party at TigerTiger
Thanks for those who had been putting in suggestion on which dress to pick for the dinner and party, however, in the end I looked back on the first dress I spotted on asos and decided that it's the one I should go for, hope you guys still like what I picked as a verdict (dress ordered from asos)
This cardigan is honestly mega warm... but dont know I sneezed like 4 times in one minute while I was waiting for Lin outside tigertiger... sounded like I do feel unwell for that moment, LOL (PS. I had long coat on as well)

For the night, here are some photos of the dinner at the thai restaurant

Here's what my Xmas secret santa got me and what I got her too:

And for later the night after dinner, I went to the Selfridges party with my new friend Lin who also works ar Selfridges (but she works for Burberry)
One of the cute guys that work in the same dep store as me (from different counter)... hehe, by the time I saw him, he was already half way drunk, awwwwww
Here's one of my favourite girl-Aesha (Indo-Chinese girl), mega pretty and mega sweet!
One of the nicest guys I know in Selfridges, the coach for till training, he is funny and a very bubbly man... and honestly personable, so glad he came too ^_^

Sorry, my feet were killing... resting......

As I mentioned some frustrated moment with the day, apart from the not workin ATMs that's been pissing off.... well, guess what?! I promised my boyfriend a Mcdonald's to take home for him, I was lining up at the nearest Mcdonalds between our home and the thai restaurant... well, the lady in front of me took forever to order, and by the time it was my turn, people on the side jumped in... and of course I was already there before her, she didn't even ask if I was in the queue but butts in straight away... I kind of got annoyed with waiting, and no one was serving, it just kind of got to me that I have to say something to that bitch who butts in the queue... and all she said was "Sorry, I didn't see you there!"...... Unbelievable!  In the end, my boyfriend complains about my time management... but he never showed one bit of agreeing with my feelings, grrrr.....

OOTD on 25th, 26th Nov, AND  1st, 2nd Dec
The first outfit was already out on my youtube channel about what I wore for different events that I participated for December 11.  This outfit was being picked by my manager for the whole counter to wear since the Christmas Comes Early event ran between 23rd-27th Dec 2011 as we were set as Christmas theme for any event we run... Hope u guys like it, but I certainly liked what my manager picked... at first, I wasnt very confident in wearing the dress, but after showing my boyfriend the dress, it turned out that he likes it which makes me like the dress even more


Sarah Rafika said...

love the beige one shoulder dress suits soo much on you ! <3 xxx!

'chelle said...

It sounds like you had a fun time hun! The purple dress looks amazing on you and I still love your cardigan ;) and OMGISH that creme dress is just STUNNING! You look gorgeous in it again. What's the quality of it like? You make me want to get one too!

Elisa Lee said...

i like both dresses but the beige one the most :D !!