Thursday, 29 December 2011

Update: Haircut and replies to some comments

First of all, let me reply to the comments that I have received in relations to the outfits I wore to the parties and the photos I showed you all:
Reply to Michelle
I think the beige dress is also a chiffon type of material, I hope if you ever run an engagement party, u will find a dress as gorgeous! Hey don't forget to let me know what size cardigan would you like me to find for you? same size as to what I am wearing? Size 10 or smaller? Let me know!
Here's the cardigan to recap ur memory
Reply to The Girlie Blogger
Hehe, my boyfriend does care about me, but Shane's not my boyfriend (for your information), he's a co-worker I work with... Well, I know I should appreciate the fact that my boyfriend cares so much that he doesn't let me go to parties late at night so I don't put myself at risk, but it's too impossible NOT to go out at all though

Reply to Rinny
Lol, I have more than one eye candy besides Sam... There are 2 (one's a half Filipino Spanish mixed race and this Filipino guy that works in Gucci!!) that I am actually waiting for the chance to take pictures with... Hmm, so which eye candy did you think that's good looking? The pretty boy in the denim jacket from the prev blog entry OR u literally meaning Sam? hahaaha!  Yes, it would be nice if u do come to UK and let me show u around the dep store I work in to show u all my eye candies!! *wink*

Between 12th-14th Dec, my boyfriend and I went to London for his birthday trip, it was nice to meet my long time no see best friend LaiYeng again, though she's still that same shy girl I met from day 1, she's still that girly I confide in closely and alot in common... Well, other than that, my boyfriend booked the Japanese salon for a haircut, he asked me if I would like to try the Japanese hairstylist's creativity... it took abit of hesitation, but in the end... I finally had it cut.... and it's been 2 weeks I had my haircut, but Im still not used it!! :(

This is the haircut that I found from the Japanese magazine that I like, but I can never do the same as hers :(

That's what mine looks like now: (well, photos of my decent hair day)

Well, it would basically depends on if it's good OR bad hair day to make me like my hair or not... unlike the days I have long hair that's easier to fix by a straightener, as the straightener made me look more like an aunty after using it occasiocally :(


Girlie Blogger said...

That card is super pretty.

Rachel said...

aww your haircut is still nice! You look so pretty! :)