Sunday, 28 November 2010

Things to share from my flight attendant interview

So what I have been up to so far?  Besides the 1 Year Anniversary for my youtube, I also attended to a flight attendant interview on 27th Nov 2010.  However, the interview started off as group discussion which I think I probably screwed myself up completely.  After the height measurement bit, we were split into small groups of 4-5 people as small conversation group.  Here are the questions that my examiners would like us to discuss and I like to hear your thoughts about the way answered them (but with a less prepared and a more nerve wrecking version of it).....
1) What do you see as being a flight attendant?
Other candidates: I see it as a flexible job that you can go travelling, you can see all the advantages such as meeting different people all over the world.... etc....
Me: The way I see it is that it is a different job that you may need to sacrifice your original social life, less time for the closer ones and especially you may need to cancel Valentine's Day that you probably need to be prepared for these negativities.  But I believe there are always both good and bads about the position is because it's probably there are always people out there who have no idea flight attendants take safety as number priority when pax complains about the aircraft's too small... etc...
2) Please elaborate the related concern that a flight attendant may have?
Other candidates: (1 mentioned)- There's no worries about it because I do not need to concern about the hold-backs as I am single and have a great family who are supportive to what I am doing.  I would see it as a sacrifice that's worthwhile if I get to go travelling elsewhere different for Christmas or the Summer.  (other mentions similar things except: flight attendant has multi-occupations for the inflight service being the cleaner, nanny, nurse and the waiters...etc)
Me: I would agree with such and such mentioned the sacrifice is worth it, I would imagine myself being the one enjoying what I am doing because I get to meet different people everytime I get to fly, I get to hear different needs and comments from passengers which are the best things in the job that entertains me the most!!  I think I am all prepared for the job position as I tend to spend more time doing chores at home and made more preparations by stop complaining this and that are dirty...etc.  I have the objective that motivates me, that would be to be able to have all the chances to take care of people I care about and those who care about me, I would mean it as people that I care about would be the passengers and those who care about me are the people I work with.
3) How do you feel about the impression of the public from watching the TV-documenatary shows based on the airline staff?
Others: The way I feel about these TV shows are that public are only seeing the bad side of the industry that the flight attendants are just waiters and they have no ideas about the policies that flight attendants have to follow.
Me: I wouldn't see it as bad as those TV shows made it and I believe the eye of the public do have some pictures of what the flight attendants would go through, I would mention the example such as watching Attention Please this Japanese drama that I love watching, although it is just acting, I would believe the drama has gave alot of plausible scenarios that's based on tough times and good times the flight attendants went through.  One of the scenes I remembered was one of the actresses was facing a practical exam with the coaching acting as an angry passenger which I would imagine this is very plausible enough to believe that it's a scenario that a member of the public is able to observe during the flying time as well as whatever the flight attendant will be facing as their tough times.

OK, in terms of outfit and hair of the day, I didn't make a video on the way I look for the interview just in case I am screwed up, but I am still happy to show you what I wore and the done hair-do.

For the bigger discussion group, damn, what a joker! The topic between 10-15 of us was design of the flight attendant uniform and the 6 reasons for considering those factors.... I contributed by the drawing the description (I once made a video about my personal design... *jaw drops on floor*), well, not sure if I contributed into a good level to perform the right team work, but I certainly was the one to try and make everyone laugh (at least?!) like as I was drawing and kind of hope it meets the descriptions they mentioned, I just waved the sketching around saying "I don't know if this is ok, but look"... and everyone just broke out and laughed like it made everyone less tensed.

Here is just some of polls I have closed recently which are related to the videos I've made so far.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

strawbeefull's visit (12th Nov 2010)

strawbeefull n I were filming these videos while she was payin me a visit to my apartment as 2 things she was anticipating for: my bathroom and Wall-E.  She is the luckiest youtube guru who gets to visit my apartment in person as well as giving Wall-E a big hug.

There were about 40 mini clips of videos to be editted as 1 or 2 videos, however, for the last few days before she came to visit me, we discussed the idea of wt to film for the videos together, anwayz, as she never been a make up model for me, here's her chance, as well as she's welcome to give me a make-over.... aww well, I've always had the experience of puttin make up on friends, bt it's literally my first time for the other way round.

Anywayz, if u hv time, hope u do enjoy these 2 videos.  Don't forget to subscribe Jess (strawbeefull) if u have a youtube account!

Just a little thought about doing the make up look in the bathroom- U can tell badly how much Jess loves my bathroom n she literally suggested that the make up looks and all that shud b done in the bathroom for the best lighting ever, and the fact she loves the sliding doors so much, haha! Let me know ur thoughts if it's a gd idea!... My bedroom won't b a perfect place to do make up tutorials cuz of the lighting is rather weak in that area... so either the hot and boiling spotlight in the corridor or would it be the best to hold the make up looks in the bathroom?

Monday, 15 November 2010

Tag: Perfect Imperfections

Tag: Perfect Imperfections

This tag has been a very popular tag going around youtube recently!  I thought this is actually an interesting tag to do as I think it would be such a nice tag for viewers to get to know me better?!  Just in case u're all thinking  that 7 minutes is probably a little to time-consuming for those who have slow internet, here's my explanation of likes and dislikes about myself.

Pizza face
small eyes- It's so important to have pretty eyes... but I don't!
flat nose and fat: (please let me have my own fair say and the frustrations which breaks me down badly): I used to get bullied at school for these 2 things, and I wud cry for days or even weeks about these 2 issues along, in fact, my thoughts on these issues would be the fact that WHAT IF one day my boyfriend dumps me and no other guys will come along to accept me just because I have flat nose and being fat?! (I am quite large for an Asian body build, and I really can't imagine I'm able to satisfy any guy with my physical assets?!)

Overall saying: People have their attractive assets which are listed as important by the majority, but I don't... so blah, NOTHING IS ATTRACTIVE GOING ON FOR THIS SWEETKUROMI AT ALL! BIG SIGH!

Decent leg shapes
Shoulder blade- Cuz I have a broad shoulder and big boned in some extents, I would state that I have bones around those area which makes the body shape somewhere a little better...

Monday, 8 November 2010

"Present Hauls"from beloved boyfriend and my forever superwoman

Before I forget to do this, I have to share this haul/presents from the ones closest to me in my life: My beloved boyfriend and my superwoman (my mum).

In the ideal of talking about who got me what and whose stuff I got first, would be my boyfriend who bought me a MAC make up set from an outlet outside Manchester during the 10 days AFTER we moved out from our previous place and BEFORE we moved into our current apartment.  There were items such as
-A black liquid eyeliner
-A make up bag
-A pair of false lashes
-A Mascara
-A pot of glitter

Stuff from my mum- It was forwarded to me from my cousin who went back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks a while back.  It was my mum whom asked me if I need anything from Hong Kong, and I made a small shopping list of what I needed, and here's the shopping list with photos, lol. However, I only asked my mum for a box of 10 masks for the Kuan Yuan Liang masks and my beauty masks, she got me 2 boxes of each instead, it was really thoughtful of her- I bet she was worried that I might run out of things too soon at times.  Like everyone else, I do complain about my mum doing things embarrassing me in public or saying hurtful things like any parents would do, but of course, she's my beloved mum, like the song says, she's my superwoman, like Gary Cao's song, and one of the lyrics which goes with how I describe my mum "心裏唯一的superwoman沒有人能代替" (The only superwoman that no one else can replace)

OK, here's the stuff of what she got me:

Isa Knox Aqua Max Skin Toner & Twister Essence

Free gift from the Isa Knox shopping: Red Ginseng Collagen masks x 5
Characteristics: Enhance skin elasticity, skin compacting

My Beauty Diary masks: Aloe x 20 pieces
Kuan Yuan Liang White Rose moisturising masks x 20 pieces

As there are instructions and other types of masks available at the back of the box:

I will translate everything in Chinese, so you will know about the other masks available and their characteristics
1) Houttuynia- Detoxing, Relaxation
2) Guava- Antioxidant, Whitenning
3) The one I have: Red Ginseng Collagen-Enhance skin elasticity, skin compacting
4) Ganoderma Lucidum- moisturising, strengthen immune system
5) Fermented Evening Primrose- Anti-aging and rejuvenating

I will soon make a video about this haul in my youtube channel- anyhow, stay tuned with other videos if you are anticipating any upcoming videos!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Random updates

OK... Sorry if I haven't been patient enough before renewing the poll, however, just that I'd know there are videos I would upload in advance.  Thanks for the 3 votes first of all.  However, I just decided that I'd upload this Outfit of the Day video in advance instead as it wouldn't sound too predictable of when and which videos am I uploading in the next 7-10 days?!  However, I think I may be seriously running out of ideas very soon if I disclose too much, lol. So yeah, I promise that there are videos which will be uploaded, especially the requested ones that should be prioritized first.  Sorry for being slow though, but it's 95% guaranteed that I will get those requested videos done.  Let me know if you guys actually have fun voting- I'd love seeing the interactions going on, I will do my best to input more voting topics if possible to ensure viewers will have fun voting as well as getting more ideas for videos... etc.

Anywayz, in the video, I did mention that I did buy something during the trip in London, however, I would remain silent with items I bought, some of u will definitely see there's something new in some occasional videos.  I find it quite hard to keep up doing hauls/review videos due to the fact that I'm quite forgetful and tend to find it a little boring just to "grab the product, show the product and next product, please".....

OOTD 1: 4th Nov 2010

OOTD 2: Nov 5th 2010

Enjoy the video, have fun voting!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A mini research on World of Celebs' Fashion

Lately, I've been thinking about some celeb inspired outfits to entertain you all (Please leave me some time to research and shop for the right items to fulfill).  However, the secret is revealed at this point that I would like to share that the two celebs that inspired me the most, maybe not for this cold season, but hopefully when the Spring/Summer comes again, there will be a video as a reference related to this blog entry....

OK, so who are the celeb I'm talkin about that's been inspiring me the most in the fashion part?!  Let's talk about: Pixie Lott
Lipsy is the shop where you will most likely to find the dresses and outfits to dress like Pixie Lott, however, the budget will be out of the ideal frame of mine, so for me, I only look for things that are photos of the outfits she been wearing as well as the things that I figure out as that's nearest to the taste of hers.

Anyway, the impression of Pixie Lott overall is sexy and classy which is quite surprising and admirable for her age (She is only 19).

How about her fashion taste?
From what I saw in Lipsy and the articles I read of Pixie Lott, there are only two types that she goes for from what I can interpret:

It would be mainly blacks and the animal printed dresses that's part of Pixie Lott so far.

Another one I would talk about as an inspiration would be Brenda Song, she has always been giving me this adorable impression of her ever since day 1 I heard about her.  Maybe she has this slight chubby curve same to mine?!  Luckily there were articles based on how to dress like Brenda Song that may help me to look for the clothes to show the outcome from the inpsirations.

Here are the types of style that I would bare in mind:

The office lady look that the article author has mentioned, it's definitely something I would look for, as like most Hong Kong females in their 20s, smart-casual is always the style that never goes wrong anywhere you go! By all means, a chiffon top with a black pencil skirt and slim the waist with a black belt can be worn anywhere u go- Go to work wearing it, see your dream man in this outfit or the best dress to hang out with ur girlfriends.

For other kinds of elaboration, I would say that in the overall factors to dress like Brenda Song would be the bright colors she wear, regardless of the casual style she takes or the evening gown she's wearing.  However, I would take that black lace detailed dresses like the examples I put here as items that caught my attention

Then, lastly shoes- like both articles said that Brenda Song loves high heels, it doesn't matter if it's open-toe shoes or is it the close-toe ones.

I hope I will soon the right outfits to show their fashion inspirations as I love both Brenda Song and Pixie Lott!