Monday, 15 November 2010

Tag: Perfect Imperfections

Tag: Perfect Imperfections

This tag has been a very popular tag going around youtube recently!  I thought this is actually an interesting tag to do as I think it would be such a nice tag for viewers to get to know me better?!  Just in case u're all thinking  that 7 minutes is probably a little to time-consuming for those who have slow internet, here's my explanation of likes and dislikes about myself.

Pizza face
small eyes- It's so important to have pretty eyes... but I don't!
flat nose and fat: (please let me have my own fair say and the frustrations which breaks me down badly): I used to get bullied at school for these 2 things, and I wud cry for days or even weeks about these 2 issues along, in fact, my thoughts on these issues would be the fact that WHAT IF one day my boyfriend dumps me and no other guys will come along to accept me just because I have flat nose and being fat?! (I am quite large for an Asian body build, and I really can't imagine I'm able to satisfy any guy with my physical assets?!)

Overall saying: People have their attractive assets which are listed as important by the majority, but I don't... so blah, NOTHING IS ATTRACTIVE GOING ON FOR THIS SWEETKUROMI AT ALL! BIG SIGH!

Decent leg shapes
Shoulder blade- Cuz I have a broad shoulder and big boned in some extents, I would state that I have bones around those area which makes the body shape somewhere a little better...

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Rinny said...

Aww don't be so hard on yourself Ronnie, I think you have a beautiful body shape! I don't believe that someone needs to be stick thin to be considered pretty; they just need to know how to dress their particular body shape. And judging from your outfit looks, it looks like you've got that aspect all taken care of already! You just need some more confidence and love yourself the way you are :)