Saturday, 6 November 2010

Random updates

OK... Sorry if I haven't been patient enough before renewing the poll, however, just that I'd know there are videos I would upload in advance.  Thanks for the 3 votes first of all.  However, I just decided that I'd upload this Outfit of the Day video in advance instead as it wouldn't sound too predictable of when and which videos am I uploading in the next 7-10 days?!  However, I think I may be seriously running out of ideas very soon if I disclose too much, lol. So yeah, I promise that there are videos which will be uploaded, especially the requested ones that should be prioritized first.  Sorry for being slow though, but it's 95% guaranteed that I will get those requested videos done.  Let me know if you guys actually have fun voting- I'd love seeing the interactions going on, I will do my best to input more voting topics if possible to ensure viewers will have fun voting as well as getting more ideas for videos... etc.

Anywayz, in the video, I did mention that I did buy something during the trip in London, however, I would remain silent with items I bought, some of u will definitely see there's something new in some occasional videos.  I find it quite hard to keep up doing hauls/review videos due to the fact that I'm quite forgetful and tend to find it a little boring just to "grab the product, show the product and next product, please".....

OOTD 1: 4th Nov 2010

OOTD 2: Nov 5th 2010

Enjoy the video, have fun voting!

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