Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A mini research on World of Celebs' Fashion

Lately, I've been thinking about some celeb inspired outfits to entertain you all (Please leave me some time to research and shop for the right items to fulfill).  However, the secret is revealed at this point that I would like to share that the two celebs that inspired me the most, maybe not for this cold season, but hopefully when the Spring/Summer comes again, there will be a video as a reference related to this blog entry....

OK, so who are the celeb I'm talkin about that's been inspiring me the most in the fashion part?!  Let's talk about: Pixie Lott
Lipsy is the shop where you will most likely to find the dresses and outfits to dress like Pixie Lott, however, the budget will be out of the ideal frame of mine, so for me, I only look for things that are photos of the outfits she been wearing as well as the things that I figure out as that's nearest to the taste of hers.

Anyway, the impression of Pixie Lott overall is sexy and classy which is quite surprising and admirable for her age (She is only 19).

How about her fashion taste?
From what I saw in Lipsy and the articles I read of Pixie Lott, there are only two types that she goes for from what I can interpret:

It would be mainly blacks and the animal printed dresses that's part of Pixie Lott so far.

Another one I would talk about as an inspiration would be Brenda Song, she has always been giving me this adorable impression of her ever since day 1 I heard about her.  Maybe she has this slight chubby curve same to mine?!  Luckily there were articles based on how to dress like Brenda Song that may help me to look for the clothes to show the outcome from the inpsirations.

Here are the types of style that I would bare in mind:

The office lady look that the article author has mentioned, it's definitely something I would look for, as like most Hong Kong females in their 20s, smart-casual is always the style that never goes wrong anywhere you go! By all means, a chiffon top with a black pencil skirt and slim the waist with a black belt can be worn anywhere u go- Go to work wearing it, see your dream man in this outfit or the best dress to hang out with ur girlfriends.

For other kinds of elaboration, I would say that in the overall factors to dress like Brenda Song would be the bright colors she wear, regardless of the casual style she takes or the evening gown she's wearing.  However, I would take that black lace detailed dresses like the examples I put here as items that caught my attention

Then, lastly shoes- like both articles said that Brenda Song loves high heels, it doesn't matter if it's open-toe shoes or is it the close-toe ones.

I hope I will soon the right outfits to show their fashion inspirations as I love both Brenda Song and Pixie Lott!


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