Monday, 25 October 2010

Fashion Video: Autumn/Winter (Behind the scene)

It's been real ages since I made a fashion video, in fact this is all because I am really fussy person and it's a certain thing that it's a MUST for me to show my viewers that's clothes I like and that it's certain that it's gotta make me look great!

Part 1- Leather Jacket & Floral Dresses- This is specially for crazy fans of floral dresses

As I wore these floral dresses for the Summer time and I believe there must people out there that would really like to have clothes that are wearable for 4 seasons throughout, so a leather jacket over the floral dress will definitely satisfy those crazy fans of florals!

And... along with this set of outfit suggested by my boyfriend- Checked Tunic Blouse/Long Waist Coat and Legging and Denim Sandals (Part 2ish)

I will leave it at this point instead of disclosing a little too much:
The rest of the video: As the expected length of time for this fashion video is 2 mins, I won't be rambling on about which part is related to what? Why don't you tell me your ideas, perceptions, likes and dislikes of the video?!

Enjoy the video and Stay tuned with the upcoming contest giveaway! *hearts*

Just some little bloopers in the video

Obviously I was wearin my sleeping boxer shorts!

I forgot to take off the new tag hanging on my jacket, it's a newly bought item obviously!


DeyiMizu said...

I love the red checker tunic~It's so cute:)

martienn said...

your blog is realy fantastic ; ) ;*
i like it !!

if you want, follow me and write comment ; * <3

FashionableAsians said...

omg the second outfit is super cute!!!

styleganji said...

omg... i played with the fish thing for like five minutes LOL! and the jacket is so cute!

PiageMoore said...

Yes really Leather Jacket which you wore on the floral dress is definitely satisfying to the fans like me.Actually I am also fan of Leather Jackets.I like to wear them very much.