Saturday, 16 October 2010

2 Looks, 1 Video- Make Up Look for Blue Eyes

Again, this was a requested video by Tiffany, my blogtv friend- she always tend to give me really good ideas of what videos, especially she gave me all the chances to learn in my own time!.... Although she only asked in a very casual manner, I am still happy to give her the best possible answer if I found a real good answer to her questions

(Anita was one of my make up models a few months ago who wore blue contact lenses for her make up look inspired by Shu Uemura's Gem Glam collection commercial.)

So far, I think there isn't alot of make up tutorials based on wearing blue contact lenses.  Although I already did a look on Anita that suited her blue contact lenses nicely, Tiffany requested for the dramatic eye make up that's probably very far from Anita's make up look that I did from months ago...

Where did my ideas come from?!
OK, so where have I found the answers? My first inspirations came from one of the Vivi magazine I've got as it's got a commercial from Anna Sui on it... It seemed that Caucasians with blue eyes tend to give me the best answers to Tiffany's question- my strong belief is that to enhance and match blue eyes perfectly, purple eyeshadow is the best must-have!!
Recently, the latest copy of Elle in UK has Kate Hudson on the front cover, and it totally supported to my idea which I would like raise out, as well as the dramatic purple simply takes my breathe away!!

Is my idea true of false?!
28th Sep 2010- So now, before I decide to make a video of doing the looks for blue contact lenses, I will experience a very simply make up look and along with some photoshop to alter the color of my iris to see the actual effects.  

There are 2 sorrys I have to say so because
1) I DO NOT own any blue color lenses
2) I can place the same tone of blue for the iris on these 2 photos.
Anyways, the photoshop has such an advantage of making my iris so dramatically blue, wow!! but of course, I think my make up will need to be more intensive to go with the blue eyes!  But it won't be intensive until the day I've decided how I will do the look for blue contact lenses showing on video...
However, if any of you liked the look I did for this make up experiment, here are the shades of eyeshadow I have applied for my eyes!
(The Turquoise and Lilac from my Marjorie Bertagne make up palette, but I assume you can find the similar tones from the MAC make up counter or any other drugstore make up products you can find with a very good range of eyeshadow colors)

29th Sep- I actually never tried a sunset on eyes throughout the times I experienced with colors of eyeshadows, but it's always been my dream trying out on my eyes, so I can always paint the sunset on my eyes... Somehow, I had a belief that the look will go perfectly on blue eyes since my imagination tells me the eyelid is painted as the sunset sky and the blue eyes will be the sea! (How romantic!!)

It took my a real long time before I've found this Danish blogger as well as completing list of products she has used.  As I never heard of the brand called Fyrinnae and took me ages to find all the tones, I made copy of all the photos I've found from google to show you the original products of this Danish blogger and invert it into my own version of make up look.

OK, here is mine, using my own bought products to create the sunset look... Again, since it's own experimenting, I only made it a light look to see the color blendings as well as photoshopping the color of my eyes to see the completed look.

For a stronger contrast, yellow will need to play a bigger role on the eye make up! But that yellow eyeshadow is still in the warehouse, so the actual yellow I am intending to use won't be appearing until the make of this video... and I will be listing the products I've used for the visual tutorial I made, so don't worry =)

11th October: Part 1 Video 
Because the yellow I've used was quite subtle before I got 100% of my make up storage back, I have made my first make up look with the dramatic yellow again! And the bad news is, my digital camera of Olympus FE380 (Dec 2007-Oct 2010) is confirmed as "certified" (dead) after the almost 3-years of service for me (lol). So now, I am using the webcam of my boyfriend's to complete the make up look. I hope the presentation is decent enough.

And by the way, as I don't own a pair of blue contact lenses, you will see it's photoshop that I've done on the photos for the idea of make up look matching on the blue contact lenses

(The original photo)

The sunset eyes came from 2 inspirations:
-The Danish blogger I've found during doing this research of looks for blue contact lenses.
-The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in Hong Kong International Airport

However, the outcome of the look seems resemble to a tropical sunset.

Part 2- Kaleidoscope Look Inspired by Anna Sui (13th October)
I would say my final look and the blendings of purple may be slightly inspired by Kate Hudson as the cover for Elle magazine.  Due to the expiry of my contact lenses, I decided to make this part 2 as soon as possible.  A slight thing that went wrong while I do this video was the lower lashlines- is it a mistake to line with copper?  I see this as a "beautiful mistake" can be creative as a result..... a spark of a new color, maybe?! Do you think it should be a Kaleidoscope blending or is it a spectrum blending?!  Anyway, a very constructive question to the look- how is the outcome of purple eyeshadow for blue contact lenses?!

I am still thinking over the narration as I have already completed writing the Cantonese narration for the 1st look, the english version is still in progress because I still have to think over good descriptions as tips for my viewers to achieve the looks in their own time.

16th Oct- 

Dinner of me and my bf- All from M & S for £10, lol.  However as I was uploading this blog, we still haven't had our dessert the strawberry cheesecake yet, lol.
The video is finally uploaded, enjoy!


Rinny said...

Love all the looks! I would never have to thought to pair together some of the colors like you did. And the contacts in the first pic look really pretty on you :)

A2NL0V4U said...

hey nice to meet you too! thanks for following! and i love the purple look the most because its my favorite color. hehe. I'm your new follower as well! and i have already met/ seen you actually. I am one of your subscribers on youtube! i have the same username: a2nl0v4u. =]

TinkerBi said...

you are amazing with the eyeshadow!!!!!! gosh I am loving all the colors you did.

The Girlie Blog said...

All look lovely! I like your blue contacts!

sweetkuromi said...

Re: all
Thanks so much for liking the looks there! I'm glad I can pull off the looks good enough n the photoshopped eyes I've done,lol. I hope both looks work out for the 4 of u too <3

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

your blue contact is so natural =D I've been thinking about getting a colored lenses too

Anonymous said...

You look so so pretty!!! Love your eyes!!! Followed you! Great blog!

sweetkuromi said...

Re: Kim Hye Rin
I hope u can find the blue contact lenses similar to the photoshop colors I made, lol. cuz Im not sure if these colors even exist in the opticians or not =/

Thanks so much, hun! and I hope we will become good friends through this blogging circle too <3

Ria said...

You look gorgeous as always!The sunset look, I tried it and loved it!Thanks for showing :)
Lots of kisses girly! :)

sweetkuromi said...

Re: Ria
I'm not sure if u get to watch the video due to the infringment of copyright of music in the video (I really meant no intention of infringing as I already creditted who sang the song T__T) O, n u shudve made a blog entry or submit a photo on my fb page to show how the look went for u <3

Ria said...

I posted the comment after watching the pics from my phone.I just now saw that the vid doesn't work.I'll redo the look and take a pic :)

Mr Lonely said...

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