Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Update: Yays

30th follower:

The 30th follower Ushishi (Ana) finally clicked follow! Thank you ever so much, I hope we can become good friends like any other blogspot people I have spoken to... as well as please continue to stay tuned with my latest update of giveaway!  One of the things I am intending to buy will be via a friend of my boyfriend's in Hong Kong, so it's the last prize through the parcel that I am waiting for before the video of announcement goes up!  I won't be disclosing the prizes for the youtube and blogspot giveaway, but it will be disclosed at the same time the announcement of giveaway starts running =)

The latest video: Requirements to become a flight attendant:

By the way, dropping the Iphone in this video was not intended and um... this is actually my first time using Iphone4 to film the video.... yes, so something special towards this video that "plain answering" won't be as boring after all!

I hope this video will be helpful to those viewers and subscribers who will be intending to become a flight attendant after they completed high school or college.

Please appreciate as this is a video I have spent 8 hours trying to upload last night, thank you!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Happy 6 Years and 7 Months & some updates

Today: Another month that my boyfriend and I have been dating now since 25th December 2003...  Although this month weren't up for any celebration, everyday is still special together!

Giveaway update: Like I would say again, I started doing shopping for the giveaway, however since some of the prizes are done through online shopping, I am so excited to tell you all, the giveaway is getting close and I will be showing the items of prizes on youtube as soon I got everything!  For this blog, I am still waiting for the 30th follower to come, so I feel it's an easier way for me to do what I promised too =)

BOOs! :(
Bad experience with my 1st time swap with a youtube best friend: Prettyholic & I promised each other a swap, and I already sent her stuff off since 23rd June 2010, however, she still hasn't got the stuff yet! I am praying the stuff either gets returned to me OR it will get to her as soon as possible... I will be moving house in September, and I won't have a fixed address of where the stuff will be settled if it's goin to b returned to me... *sigh* PS. I hope the stuff will get somewhere between me and Prettyholic as the final thing I ever did was to fill in the application for my lost parcel... and yet... this also tells me how much the postage service sucks sometimes!! damn it!

the expected upcoming videos on youtube (but no particular orders):
"What's inside my hand carry for long haul flights"***(editting, will be uploaded some time next week)
"Requirements to become a flight attendant"***(just filmed it)
"A Simple Summer Beach Look Inspired by Vivi magazine"***(filmed but not yet started editting)
"Roses on the eyes"***(just filmed on the same date as Requirements to become a flight attendant but needs editting and narrating)

As soon as the list of upcoming videos in my youtube channel are cleared off, I will be using this blog and my facebook as a form of notification to let u know which r the videos I will upload.... especially I already have a few requested videos to be completed in the coming events and I would like to make an apology if this has taken abit long since I promised to do my best in order to give the possible perfect answers and showing the videos, researching for ideas is the best thing I can do before I switch on the camera... and thank you for all of your understands and support! and yes, please do keep the requests coming, because they are the best given ideas for me to make videos and to keep you all entertained!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Update after watching Toy Story 3

It was yesterday that I watched Toy Story 3 for Orange Wednesday..... My boyfriend & I had been looking forward to the release to the movie and I swear it was nothing disappointing at all as well as saying the next movie I'm looking forward to watch will be Step 3 in 3D!

Might be abit of rambling on, Toy Story has always given me the  impression of starting with adventurous at the beginning of the movie and it's often a friendship building scene during the adventure goes on.... Toy Story 3 gave me the feeling of everything, and the fact that Andy proves that he still loves his toys even he is on a new path going into college, from my personal experience, I have like loads of cute cuddly toys around me and they are the cuddly toys that witnessed the relationship between my boyfriend and I, and been alot of comfort to me when I cry and also been sharing the joy with me when happiness come upon me... nowadays, these cuddly toys are also my audience to when I film a make up tutorial, reviews and even meet the people on blogtv once in a while too... Might sound all insane and immature, but like Woody says toys are there for you.... and like my cuddly toys... I think they are always there for me to different events

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sorry for not updating my blog

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating is blog, since GOD KNOWS how long for, lol.  The busiest time of the year for me is approaching around July, August, September all the way in my life so far!  In fact I have tried to keep everything together before making an update, however, it's kind of hard, lol, cuz time fades the interests of viewers from my point of view!

Update: Met up with a youtube make up guru (13th July)
What have I done so far? I have finally met Jess just this Tuesday (13th July 2010) and I am still waiting for the photos she took to put into my video before I upload it on youtube as some of my subscribers and viewers have been looking forward to see what she's like, and I hope she will also reach 500 subs by the end of summer too, it will definitely mean so much to her as well as a way to show her support to the competition to win the contact to the NEXT model in the following.... Just a photo or two now to show you whatever we took after the make up tutorial at Illamasqua in BHam Selfridges counter

Indeed, it was my boyfriend who also accompanied me to meet up with Jess, and by the way, I won't be showing this photo in my video... so this is just for my blog friends to see... I might consider to show more pictures of my boyfriend if there is more special occasions that both of us are going to take photos...

Facts about Jess (strawbeefull)
British Born Chinese
Upcoming: Participating the NEXT top 100 model in London

.....OK, update: Giveaway contest on youtube!!
I am reaching 1000 subscribers absolutely soon, I will be running a giveaway, and I would like to get my blog friends involved in the contest, however, there will be only ONE WINNER for each side (the youtube side and the blogspot side).... but before this announcement video uploads, I would like to make it 30 followers giveaway as well..... For any updates, stay tuned, ladies!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

My hesitation for Concealers

Fasting from shopping: 8 days/15 days

Although I haven't been shopping or spending any extra money on make up or clothes, I guess it's harmless to look and to THINK the items I need it or not, and I have the hesitation between the need of a concealer or not, in fact, having one would be better than not having one at all since having a pair of glowing eyes and a glowing flawless complexion are the whole objectives of uses in make up!

I have looked around Boots for the Ruby & Millie counter, and found that their concealer Duo has the similar texture as Cinema Secrets foundation palette....

Today, I had a look around the "House Of Fraser Outlet", and found that Calvin Klein cosmetics had caught my attention, I have found the concealer with 3 colors, with the straight forward instinct, I already know that the one I need would be a neatral medium color that suits Chinese skin tone

I would be wondering if anyone has ever used either of these products and perhaps leave me a hint which one to buy, the Ruby & Millie one is about £10.50, a little too expensive for this tiny container, and the Calvin Klein concealer is about £8.99, bt the substance gets really watery after months and something... but yet, the advantage of Calvin Klein concealer is that it's also a very creamy hydrating one...

I shall leave a poll for you all to vote and the place here to comment to be an answer to my question, thank you!

  • Calvin Klein Endless Light Brightening Concealer
  • Ruby & Millie Concealer Duo