Monday, 30 May 2011

Blog Award 2011 Tag by ClosetVoyage (Jiawa)

Thank you so much for tagging me and the chance that I can write about you though I have just started following your blog and get to know the fundamental details of you recently that I know you're someone that has a nice dressing sense and probably someone that I would look forward to have a real conversation with real soon!

About me (3 things):
-A down-to-earth social butterfly
-A silly girl that thinks too much: Yes, I do, BECAUSE I CARE
-I cry alot, but no one really gets the chance to see me cry in real life unless the matter gets so bad that I lost control OR if it's in front of someone that I can really show my feelings to. 

I would like to give this award to: 
Deanna: (my beloved beauty blogger)

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Love Package from GraciousGlamours & makeup look

I could've updated about this blog entry this straight away since that I would like to highlight... Well, it was Friday the 13th (of this month) that I have received the love package from GraciousGlamours... why am I so surprised to get this package?- Friday the 13th is known as the most unlucky day ever for anyone, however, I felt this friday 13th is definitely the most lucky one of my life so far as to receiving such a lovely package....Let's get on with it!

Some candies that my boyfriend and I finished ages ago.. LOL

I have to particularly mention this candy since it's the favourite of me and my boyfriend out of the package...

**Highlight of the package**

Unfortunately that I don't use IPhone 4, but just use 3GS that it doesn't fit, but I still appreciate this IPhone Case

For the past 2-3 weeks while waiting for this love package, my boyfriend had been asking me a few times if GraciousGlamours had sent the package ever since she said bought the Kuromi case, lol, however, this package is full of surprises! <3

I absolutely love this blusher!!

Well except for all these lovely packages, I've also made a video in return in relations to what Grace got me and how much we share between each other.... Thank you so much for everything, Grace! Thanks so much for being the one that I can confide in and the one to share girlie secrets together, you have been the one who understands my feelings culturally and emotionally....

Makeup Look:

At this moment, there will be 2 things that I look forward to blog about: my best friend Teresa's visit (next week) and meeting GreatEiei the cute Thai guy one day!

Enjoy my latest video and some of my drawings that I did this week:
A drawing I did for GreatEiei on his birthday on Monday (23rd May), and thanks for the call on Sunday night, though a short conversation... Making you smile would be something with my ability to the maximum I can do just to show that I care!

There was one time of my life that I used to use xanga, though this dog was never my actual signature logo to my xanga, this used to be my signature sketch whenever a friend asked me to draw something... This dog used to be an ugly dog that I drew like the ruthless naughty dog that pees everywhere, LOL

Well what else represents me best except drawing Kuromi holding a lollipop meaning my username "Sweetkuromi"...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Updates in May- 2 videos by ME

OOTD: 4th May- Watching Beastly... Which pair of shorts to pick?!

OK first of all, Beastly is the movie I went to watch! Alex Pettyfer is HOT <3

Well, OK, I still had no idea to wear which pair of shorts to match with the blue floral chiffon top.... so lucky that I have whatsapp that I can ask 3 beauty gurus ExquisitejennGraciousGlamours n cosmeticcupcake for advice n their thoughts... Sorry if I had to rush them to reply ASAP since it was like a last minute question...

Both GraciousGlamour n Exquisitejenn suggested it's the denim shorts that I should wear.... Thank you... but since it was abit chilly while I was walking to the cinema, this was the actual set of outfit I wore to go out:

As to thank cosmeticcupcake's suggestion n being a good friend to me ever since day 1 of our conversation, I've also filmed the outfit with white shorts n sandals for the Summer style.... Let me know wt u guys do prefer...

Enjoy the video with this Summer lavender makeup look....

Monday, 2 May 2011

Almost Used Up Products: Episode 1 (April 2011)

Well, OK, this is the first time I filmed a video on "almost finished off products" to see if anyone would like to see the reviews on those products, and how long it takes me to finish off something... Sorry if it's disgusting to say so that almost everything I use is way too far from the expiry date that it can be maintained, but to me, it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't rot my skin or smell funny.

This Beautemaker Multi-Purpose Super Moisturising BB Cream was a free gift from from the makeup bible of the Taiwanese makeup artist Kevin....I did talk about the books in one of my previous videos

OMG, I bet u all hv no idea how long I used this Dior lip thing for: Its abt 3 years 4 years I've used it, but the other side that's fully filled is only been filled up recently....

This is the Illamasqua Synth eyeshadow I been using since Aug last year.... Normally being used as cheek highlighter or blusher

Well, this Haoyibai moisturiser is the only skin care product in the video that I done a review on... anyway, enjoy the video, and let me know ur thoughts about video series like these would interest you, thank you!

Oh, don't forget to input ur votes for the contouring video: I'd like to know which face shape is most preferreed to be included as a tutorial part of the video, thank you!