Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Love Package from GraciousGlamours & makeup look

I could've updated about this blog entry this straight away since that I would like to highlight... Well, it was Friday the 13th (of this month) that I have received the love package from GraciousGlamours... why am I so surprised to get this package?- Friday the 13th is known as the most unlucky day ever for anyone, however, I felt this friday 13th is definitely the most lucky one of my life so far as to receiving such a lovely package....Let's get on with it!

Some candies that my boyfriend and I finished ages ago.. LOL

I have to particularly mention this candy since it's the favourite of me and my boyfriend out of the package...

**Highlight of the package**

Unfortunately that I don't use IPhone 4, but just use 3GS that it doesn't fit, but I still appreciate this IPhone Case

For the past 2-3 weeks while waiting for this love package, my boyfriend had been asking me a few times if GraciousGlamours had sent the package ever since she said bought the Kuromi case, lol, however, this package is full of surprises! <3

I absolutely love this blusher!!

Well except for all these lovely packages, I've also made a video in return in relations to what Grace got me and how much we share between each other.... Thank you so much for everything, Grace! Thanks so much for being the one that I can confide in and the one to share girlie secrets together, you have been the one who understands my feelings culturally and emotionally....

Makeup Look:

At this moment, there will be 2 things that I look forward to blog about: my best friend Teresa's visit (next week) and meeting GreatEiei the cute Thai guy one day!

Enjoy my latest video and some of my drawings that I did this week:
A drawing I did for GreatEiei on his birthday on Monday (23rd May), and thanks for the call on Sunday night, though a short conversation... Making you smile would be something with my ability to the maximum I can do just to show that I care!

There was one time of my life that I used to use xanga, though this dog was never my actual signature logo to my xanga, this used to be my signature sketch whenever a friend asked me to draw something... This dog used to be an ugly dog that I drew like the ruthless naughty dog that pees everywhere, LOL

Well what else represents me best except drawing Kuromi holding a lollipop meaning my username "Sweetkuromi"...


sugarbumpkin said...

OMG is that snail from maplestory???

your brows are freaking perfect btw lol.

Lina Kim ♥ said...

waaah I love the blusher, so cuuute <3

mimi said...

awwwww~ what a sweet package!~ ^^ luckyyy~ the eyeshadows looks beautiful~ (:

Chococcuro said...

are you guys sound like you are really close :)

Your drawings are super cute!!

Rinny said...

You got such nice surprises! I like the eyeshadow palette - the packaging and colors are really pretty :D

Jen said...

Great love package~ Everything is so cute ^^
Love your drawings.. you're amazing! so artistic >_<"
The blush looks so pretty too~

Marion ♥ said...

THE BLUSHER! :O So cute.

Chococcuro said...

btw I have given you an award :)