Sunday, 12 August 2012

For those who may not know

There had been so much going on in my life lately that I found it hard to get back into the beauty community, though shopping never ends, LOL.  However, again, another entry of blogging on life that I will be sharing...  For those beauty bloggers that I been keeping in contact with have already heard that I broke up with my boyfriend for my 1st month now...

So, OK... You may all be wondering how and why it happened that I decided to break up with my boyfriend, but let's keep the negative factors of my exboyfriend away to be the reasoning and understand that I broke up with him from my own point of view that I was actually tired of the relationship after spending the 8 years with him almost with nothing guaranteed to my minimum expectation of the relationship and the fact that I am actually looking for a peaceful single life to gain beauty and wisdom, beauty and wisdom should be the actual assets of any girl can own....

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Longest Letter to my Dearest Daddy

Before I start this letter, some of you may know that my Daddy has recently and suddenly passed away (at least in peace)... It's also one of the reasons why I left my RMK job in UK and now settling back in Hong Kong.  I have been putting the beauty blogging and youtubing behind for abit, but today, I guess it's about time to sort out the schedules of filming, editting, blogging and uploading videos as beauty and fashion are my major passions.  Well, just before I will get beauty blogging and youtube back on track again.... here's the letter that worths all my love that I can give to my daddy...

To my beloved daddy,
The song "Yesterday" by Leona Lewis may have already explained everything how I felt from the day I found out that you will be gone forever, however, I want you to know within my own words how proud my life had been with you in it and... because of you and your work with mum, I feel so complete and loved, and I don't regret being the only child because that's what makes me even more proud to be loved.

Three years ago, I've decided to come back to the UK for a change of life after experiencing the life back and forth between home and UK.  I remember my silent at first made you upset and angry because I never told you face to face on how I want my life to be or any arrangements to be made that reassures you and mum.  For the 2 years in UK without you and mum, I've experienced all the bitterness based on unemployment, relationship issues and also the mental loneliness but in the end, the RMK job brought the sweetness of building up a great harmony between me and other colleagues.  Also, my birthday trip to Paris... Daddy, thank you for the favour, it was the final favour that you've done before the destiny tells you that your job is done and it's time to go.  To me, it's never done because we've never caught up in person, you never have heard that I am planning a big celebration on your last day in the police force and you still haven't asked me for a vacation treat to somewhere you want to go!  However, I know it well even if I've fulfill my wishes on what I want to give you, I may still be asking for more, me getting married....meeting your grandchildren?!-Daddy, to me, the whole lifetime is not enough for me to be the perfect daughter...

Everyone told me that you have left in peace, but the moment I saw you in the mortuary, I just couldn't feel where the word peace came from when I saw that your fists were tight, your eyes half opened... Still, I cried it all out, and said in my heart "Daddy, I'm back...".

There was 2 weeks break between arriving back home and the funeral, I've spent the time within those 2 weeks job seeking and spending it with cousin Florence as much as possible.  And Maggie, one of our neighbours who used to share the same elevator as us introduced me into working for Kumon that I've got started days before the funeral and continued my job after the funeral's out the way.  The good news is because of the my maturity and the harmony I brought into the working environment, Mr Lam decided to hire me as a full time.

Though I know that what I earn at the moment in financial wise may not be enough to look after you after your retirement (if you're still here), daddy, I hope you will be pleased to know that my job has given me the most powerful comfort from the kids I worked with and also, respect from other coworkers.

Daddy, we are still arranging the sea burial ceremony for you to send you to where you will enjoy being, diving and a closer contact with all the different types of fish in the world, just like what you've done days before the funeral- I've never seen a firefly in my life and know it's almost impossible to see it in Hong Kong, but that night, it flew past me glowing a blue light.  It might be because I missed you too much that I think that you must be nearby... but Daddy, if this is the surprise that you wanted to show me, please take my appreciation with you wherever you go now.

On your behalf, I deeply appreciate those who attended to the funeral, I hope you know for sure that the memorial hall was so packed that we ran out of chairs to host all the guests.  Please allow me to take a nice bottle of wine to your district commander as to show my appreciation that he attended to the funeral and to express how honoured I have heard him telling me that Daddy was a really good policeman and was a popular person being loved by everyone.

It's still somewhere a month or 2 away from Father's Day and it's not the same without you cooking dinner after I finished work or not having someone to knock on my door after my laundry's done.  Daddy, you may know I have 3 different feelings to what your food was like:
1) The chicken wings you made and the potato-tomato soup are my favourites in the family dish menu.
2) You always worry that I don't finish off what you made or what I don't like-well, there may be a few times that things could go wrong, but you just never knew even the taste might not be right, the appreciation made it right.
3) On the last day I was in Hong Kong and the last day you cooked me lunch, I never wanted to finish off what I've got or the time to go.

Now that I have mum's favourite picture of you in front of me while I write this letter, I am also having my favourite picture of the 3 of us together on my phone (the picture we took at Disneyland), everything in my head is now filled with memories of the 26 years we have been through.

Daddy, I hope everything I've mentioned here would be the things you've experienced during your lifetime, if not, I will continue to learn for the right maturity to make you proud.  However, the last thing I can say: Daddy, even if you decide that you would like to have your spirit free and adventurous in the sea or if you're in another different world from us.... please remember that you're NOT alone because the love from mum and I never dies.  In my lifetime, I am proud to say that my Daddy was a policeman but yet also talented enough to be an interior designer... but never miss out describing you that you're a sweetheart daddy that I will miss so much forever.

I love you Daddy!


Sunday, 1 April 2012

The blog entry of appreciation: All for my special friend Queena

Here's another blog entry of a deep dish thing about my working life as my dearest manager Queena decided to resign and it was recently that our colleague Ayah and I get to take chance of the farewell gathering with her after being through the tough scheduling since February.  I've already mentioned once about what Queena is like and how honoured I really felt when she was the one manager who picked me to join in the RMK team of Selfridges.  I feel so honoured not only the moment she decided to hire me, and also the day 1 starting myself at the counter.

How I survived in the cruel side of reality?
In every job I've worked for, I always have the belief in paying everyone the basic respect and friendship may be the thing that never exist in an all women working environment, why? Simply bitchiness would become part of an individual's conscience and genes (without a word of exaggeration), but working with Queena, Angie and Ayah never gave me one bit of "reality" and all 3 of them changed the person I am.

First Impression of Queena
Queena was promoted to be the counter manager after she's been working for RMK for 2 years, and it is a very obvious impression that she was one of Top salesperson in the beauty department of our store and it takes real deep dish experiences to get to the stage where she can become the manager that deserves everyone's respect, but there must be some odd ones out that will give her a hard time.
I remember one of the very first questions being asked by Queena during the interview for my job position was "Will you ever fight with your colleagues over a customer?" and "Do you gossip about your colleagues"-Although some of those answers might be too good to be true, or it's definitely somehow the typical impression of "self-selling" on how you handle emotion crisis, and these 2 questions were certainly unexpected from other job interviews... to be fair at the end of this, NO ONE in the world would want to work with ANYONE that is super selfish with no sense of loyalty to who they work for?!
First impression of Queena: she wants a peaceful working environment!

Getting to know Queena
 This part is hard to describe in words as getting to know someone takes time and experience to make it complete.  I can experience getting to know Queena was the honor to be encountered in my resume if I can write my CV into a deep dish and also being part of a memory in my life and my heart.

Queena is 2 years older than me, married and worked for RMK for 4 years and got promoted as our counter manager within 2 years she worked at the counter-this showed ALOT of quality about her.  It's true that it meant she's one of the highest ranking sales to stand out to others on what she achieved, but personality counts into what her strengths are to make herself a great leader to our counter.  Queena, as a manager she's been, she's someone who's managing the counter with efforts to the maximum, defending the best interests of staff of the counter and to lead and train us into how we can build a characteristic to suit what RMK is looking in about the staff.  As a friend outside work, Queena is sentimental and makes me valued-a connection I see definitely between a Pisces and Scorpio.  Please click on this article to read about the starsigns of types and styles of managers and it's definitely accurate about Queena leads our RMK counter.

Some memorable experience with Queena:
I think it was only my 2nd or 3rd month working at RMK, there was a staff nomination for different awards for different characters of employee, Queena asked me for a favour to nominate her to be the Top Salesperson as an entry for her, though she was only asking and made it very clear that she ONLY wants a genuine nomination that it shouldn't be an unvoluntary/unwilling one to be done, I've done the favour without hesitation all because she's the manager who deserves my respect and treated with an opened genuine heart.  To all my readers/viewers: Within a working environment full of women (which means bitchiness), it is almost impossible to read someone's heart who will be the genuine people that will never backstab you or who may be people that u always should stay alert of what they might do to you next.  I understand it will be a hard decision between earning the trust from someone and on someone when work place is the place where u will witness the cruel side of reality painfully, but with experience we will all learn who to trust, and I have a strong belief that Queena will earn the trust of everyone everywhere she goes.

One of the memories that I didn't blog about or had pictures of was on the training with how to use Dusty Bright Eyes at Birmingham with Angie and Queena, and having the hot pot in Han Dynasty.  I remembered it was the first time that I felt I have been looked after by Queena when I called my boyfriend to meet at the train station when I reached Manchester, however in the end, Queena decided to ask her husband to drive me home on the way as my boyfriend didn't turn up at the train station in the end.  Though my boyfriend in the end explained that he fell asleep on the sofa and missed out my messages, Queena really touched my heart on her decision to make sure I will be safe home.

Here's some of the pictures on memories with Queena recently:

Enough raving about Queena I guess, but what happened?- You all changed me:
At the moment, it might seemed like I am getting abit arrogant on how everyone should like me or acknowledge me, but I hope at the end of it all, most of you will soon tell me "Ronnie, people you met at your last job changed you in a better person!"  Why would I say it this way? Let me tell you all, before I met Queena, Angie and Ayah, I used to be the type of person who used to think I was the only one who wasn't appreciated when I proved that I changed to be a better person whether to please someone or to shut someone up in general?!  I am also the type of person that's too vulnerable to take in criticisms but somehow, ever since I met the RMK staff, I learnt to take criticisms to be the "extra money" being paid into the pocket much easier instead of a hard way, especially every word that's been said... that's because I finally found a different way of showing how much I care about my job and I clearly proved to everyone at the counter this is the point that I want everyone to keep me...

By Queena, I was acknowledged by my dressing sense at work and the team work I demonstrated which were both very important achievements I always wanted and unexpectedly, Queena also raved about my dressing sense to the head office.

Because of Queena, the interview questions being asked and the experience working with her, Angie and Ayah changed me throughout.  All 3 of them changed me into the person becoming a fan of RMK to suit the concept of the brand and remembering one of the statement made by Queena during my interview, "It's important that anyone who works here will put RMK first", because of these words being said and guidelines given by them to me, I finally learnt to put RMK first as my favourite brand.  And of course, because of RMK is now my favourite brand, the place where I met Queena, Angie and Ayah changed me into the type of person who will put the 3 of them first to work as a team together.

Lastly, Queena, thank you for being someone who shows me full acceptance even when there are times I do act so self-centered and aggressively rough.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Moment for fashion & life: Birthday trip to Paris

This birthday trip is almost everything that's been organized by my boyfriend (23rd-27th Feb), and I really appreciate all that my boyfriend done since he made my first time trip with a boyfriend in my life to be special and sweet, the trip wouldn't be as perfect without him next to me.  Well, my boyfriend had actually suggested me filming some clips to do with trip in Paris, however I felt like filming a mini-haul video of what I bought in Paris (Well, not alot AGAIN, but I guess would be ok to share the souvenirs of what I got some of the beauty bloggers that I am close to and also the souvenir to place at home)

23rd Feb: You all seen me wearing this dress before, however, ever since I bought this dress, this is the 2nd time I got the chance to wear this dress... The first day arriving into Paris was hectic as I had no rest from finishing work on 22nd Feb as I finished work and arrived home for the final packing up from 11pm, had dinner at 12am, shower at 1am, then laundry at 2am... then after laundry's done and abit of rest... caught taxi at 3.30am with my boyfriend...

Well, Ok here's some other pics from Day 1
View outside our hotel, my boyfriend thinks it look ugly, but I would love to live in one of those apartments.
The first attraction my boyfriend and I went to was Bastille

24th/25th Feb, as I wore the same outfit for those 2 days (sorry), here's my mix and match to those 2 days:
24th Feb: Boat trip with my boyfriend. It wasn't a bad boat trip... got to see everything of the main attractions around Paris, it's alright for this once as a boat trip but no 2nd time as the boat was packed with noisy school kids.

One of the highlights was going to the department store Lafayette, I showed one of my colleagues the photos of what's it like there, her first comment was "OMG, wayyy better than Selfridges", haha! The place was absolutely classy, and actually, I spotted that nearly every single counter has a Chinese/Vietnamese staff there, a population that's more than the Chinese I see in both the Selfridges I work for and the town one near home.

Also, in the evening of 25th, went to the Arc de Triomphe (凱旋門), and finally I can show everyone my best friend Wall-E in the photos.

Then just had a very quick visit of La Tour Eiffel.  This trip always brings a song into my head, it was an old chinese song that I listened to when I was just a young girl

The song is about the sad memories under the Eiffel Tower with cold weather.... Though my holiday was nothing as sad as the song words indicated, well, the night view I see with my boyfriend on the Eiffel Tower probably go well with how the song was tuned (Reserved to go IN the Eiffel Tower on 26th Feb)

26th Feb: The day where my boyfriend and I spent the evening inside the Eiffel Tower enjoying the night view and went to the well-known restaurant for most overseas bloggers, Chartier.  As my boyfriend had always been anticipating to try escagots, well, that's where I took him and he was impressed with the environment and food there as much as I am as well!

OK, before I forget about mentioning the outfit, here it is... took the pic back in the hotel cuz I had my coat on most of the time outside.

And here's more pics from the night view looking out from Eiffel Tower:

Also, some funny discoveries in Paris as well:
1) Wow........ first thing I see when my boyfriend and I landed at CDG airport...

2)On our day 1, we were catching the metro in Paris, my boyfriend n I reached the station where our hotel is located... and he was trying to open the door, but didn't know the door handle is to be pushed upwards.

3) More on day 1: my boyfriend discovered the culture of dogs there being so educated that they will only poo under trees... and people smoking EVERYWHERE we walked past...

4) Then on one of the days we are taking the metro, someone was singing in the metro, and it sounded so haunting that my boyfriend and I couldn't figure out which of the woman on the train was singing, it was so scary that no one's really giving a facial expression or a hint where the singing was from...

5) We were in a fast food shop ordering a fish burger and chips, while we were waiting not blocking the way of anyone behind us, the lady behind us ordered the same thing I guess, she automatically took one french fry and ate it... when we got everything on the tray ready to go, she was so embarrassed... My boyfriend n I weren't mad but I just found it shocking and funny at the same time.

Last but not the least: A mini Paris haul video

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Moment of Life: Working life as a beauty consultant

Hi, dear all, finally a new blog entry for you all! sorry for the MIA for such a long time, however, some of this blog entry will be in relation to reply some of the readers' questions
Debbie: No, I don't work for the RMK counter in the Birmingham, it is the Trafford Centre RMK that I work for.  And yes, Dusty Bright Eyes collection is great but I am personally more looking forward for the Sparkling Spring Summer collection from RMK, especially the blusher that I already laid my hands on!
And dear others: Thanks for replying to my blog entry in relation to my interpretation of dress code at work, I hope you guys will continue to stay tuned with my updates
So far, I've been working for Selfridges from June 2011, and so now, it makes almost 8 months that I've worked for RMK in Selfridges.  I would describe where I work is fun and being surrounded by others who are down-to-earth and always looking out for me (except for a few odd ones out, but you do get people like that everywhere)

This was when I first started in the summer on the early shift when my neighbor counters first noticed my no lenses glasses, well people still ask about it really...

OK, ladies! that's what my counter looks like, but the product displays change from time to time because of the new season products launching, but the foundation would stay where they are.  Good job I cleaned the counter before I finished work that day I decided to take this pic, hahaha!

I don't often take pics in the staff canteen of myself, but I found my favourite food in the staff canteen since working in Selfridges with the place I take lunch there the most:

Yogurts-why?- Allow me to complain about the days with really crap food or the days I work with menus in the canteen that I don't like... Yogurts can be the best ever, its the either the strawberry flavour or the Greek yogurt... however the greek yogurt in this pic of this blog entry hasnt appeared for a long time, and it's the honey and banana flavor yogurt that I am always havin recently

Friends I meet:
There are so many of you that I meet are so nice to me and you guys are the reason why I enjoy my job! OK, starting with Gemma as we both catch the same bus together and walk the same way home.  There's still alot between us to find out and to get to know each other as she works upstairs and I work on downstairs that she might be as close as those who work on the neighbor counters of mine, well, I don't go on about her so much, but mainly it's my boyfriend who hears about her most...
Aysha-An Indo-Chinese girl who does come to work at my counter once in a while, she used to be agency staff... but congradulations recently for the contract with Suqqu in town, and it's fun working with her though we do tell each other jokes that are so shocking between us.... This pic was taken on a day off for me and I was just touring around after the renovation of the Selfridges near home. (the one I work for is a 40 mins bus away from my home)

There's more people I met like Rensan (my eye candy), Eva (an absolute cute girl from Muji), Sammy (nice guy, nice body), all the ladies from Nars and Clarins (there are more than 4 of u to mention there, so cut it short and leave the names), Lisa from Illamasqua and Amanda from Laura Mercier are all my lovelies.  Mainly I got to mention you all cuz of being the closest to my counter and being nice to me, and for the sake of continuing to make you all happy, I will continue to share sweets and candies at work, if any of u wanna try any new flavours, I will check it out and bring it in. (Haha, I guess I haven't made the wrong user name as a blogger and a youtube user: sweetkuromi-Kuromi-the girl who always has candies in her pocket)

Inspirations from:
There are some of you who been there through my rough times and it's like I am definitely getting to know some of you on a deep dish level.  However, though I still haven't got the chance to take a pic with some of u, I will still metion u guys in particular. But start off the ones with photos ;)
Queena: The first one I HAVE TO mention for sure- she's my counter manager and also like my older sister since day 1 I started working for RMK, it's only the fact that we work on the same counter for that deep dish communication to start, but she's the one who made my working life like a home to me.  She's been the first hand listener to my problems and helped me through rough times.... Thanks for the call at the counter and the time to talk while u were taking ur holiday just to make sure I will be ok.  I hope I can continue to contribute to RMK team with team work in harmony and u guys are always appreciated by me and will always be there count on.

Alex: Sorry no proper pic of u without the Halloween makeup on... missed the chance to take the pic with u last time u done my hair.  Alex also works the next door counter to mine, and yes, we catch the same bus home together.  Though not everything we could talk in a deep dish conversation but thanks for ur support to my bad days when Queena's not around.
And thank you Alex for this hairdo:

Ashley: New Year, New Friend: we held our first conversation on 1/1/2012! Hahaha!  Thanks for being there on my rough start and sharing ur experiences with me on my upcoming tough decisions to make.  I know we don't catch each other the same time all the time though ur counter is only a few steps from mine... but I believe ur someone with a good heart and YOU WILL find a sweet guy that's gonna make ur world beautiful

Those without photos:
Stephen, Mitchell- Not sure if both of u know each other, but just that u both should know that both of u deserve my respect and my love for being there for me when I know I need guys to understand the rough patches I was having with my boyfriend.
Charlotte: I still wanna call u "Salad" cuz that's what it sounds like in Chinese, LOL. Ur a hippie! Haha!

Well, lastly, to some of u who know me from work and knowing that I can't mention everyone on the top of my head, but if you do read my blog, I just wanna say I love you all and one of my birthday wishes that I hope would be easy to come true even if I announce here would be "I wish each one of you will find someone that will make your world beautiful"

by Ronnie- sales associate at RMK

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review on my Lingerie Haul

Moment of Fashion:
This will be my first time ever that I have ever done such update to share lingerie pieces that I bought, however, it would be impossible to upload photos of myself in underwear, so these photos would likely to be just what they look like on models and which are the pieces I bought.
The shop I got my lingeries from is Ann Summers, and the way I pick my undies are by the design and effectiveness.
This first set is the Cocquette Black Pink set- What I like about the set of lingerie is the fact that the balconette bra really gives out the body curve I want to achieve with the greatest comfort ever and the skirt design knickers look cute, however the only disadvantage for this set is that as it's a skirt, so, wearing a pear of skinny jeans or wearing tights over it would take somehow a longer time to make it neat (LOL).

I only recently bought this set of lingerie, the OMG boost underwear set which was picked by my boyfriend.  My boyfriend's reason for picking this set is nothing pervy but in what he picks to be the best looking pattern and design he sees in the shop.  But yeh, he picked this right set as wearing this boost set gives the cleavage line that I would never have naturally (Hmm, yeh, all u need to know is that I don't have much boobs, so size wise, don't ask).  I have no complaints about this set of lingerie as the bottom would be something that I normally wear.

Well, not sure if there will be a 2nd chance of blogging about reviews on lingerie hauls in the future, but please do leave me a comment and let me know if this is a good new kind of blogging to go on here as long as u feel this is also closely related to beauty and fashion blogging, my working life blogging will soon be be completed, please stay tuned and enjoy my past blogging entries if u have missed any.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Video: Dress code at work

The video is finally uploaded on the dress code at work, there are some more outfits and more interactions in there, hope u will all enjoy it, I will reply to the comments on my next blog entry

Friday, 13 January 2012

Moment of Fashion: Dress Code at work

As I've promised to show a blog entry/video based on the dress code at work as I work for the RMK the Japanese cosmetic brand in Selfridges and the department store Selfridges do not have uniform for certain counters, I thought this blog entry would be interesting since the dress code at work mentioned that
-Wear black
-Dress to impress
-Wear name badge (but I don't show people videos with my name badge on clothes I wear tho)

-Opened toe shoes

And also, from my boyfriend's eyes, black from top to bottom would make every outfit boring, so what do I do? Prove him wrong and show him that looking for clothes to work is a fun challenge and of course, something I believe that keep viewers' eyes open.  This is gonna be a quick entry and some fundamental ideas of what I wear to work as the video is still filming and editting in progress.

A dress I picked from asos, there are actually 2 ways wearing it which is by making the straps off shoulder, it's not the best dress, but I thought showing it due to the fact that this dress has a good unique design.

Well another dress that enhances some curve that Ive got... And of course more will be seen in the video, so stay tuned! Hope these outfits will keep all your eyes opened until then!

Oh... and lastly, a name badge is a must with the outfit when u work in the dep store counters!