Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Moment for fashion & life: Birthday trip to Paris

This birthday trip is almost everything that's been organized by my boyfriend (23rd-27th Feb), and I really appreciate all that my boyfriend done since he made my first time trip with a boyfriend in my life to be special and sweet, the trip wouldn't be as perfect without him next to me.  Well, my boyfriend had actually suggested me filming some clips to do with trip in Paris, however I felt like filming a mini-haul video of what I bought in Paris (Well, not alot AGAIN, but I guess would be ok to share the souvenirs of what I got some of the beauty bloggers that I am close to and also the souvenir to place at home)

23rd Feb: You all seen me wearing this dress before, however, ever since I bought this dress, this is the 2nd time I got the chance to wear this dress... The first day arriving into Paris was hectic as I had no rest from finishing work on 22nd Feb as I finished work and arrived home for the final packing up from 11pm, had dinner at 12am, shower at 1am, then laundry at 2am... then after laundry's done and abit of rest... caught taxi at 3.30am with my boyfriend...

Well, Ok here's some other pics from Day 1
View outside our hotel, my boyfriend thinks it look ugly, but I would love to live in one of those apartments.
The first attraction my boyfriend and I went to was Bastille

24th/25th Feb, as I wore the same outfit for those 2 days (sorry), here's my mix and match to those 2 days:
24th Feb: Boat trip with my boyfriend. It wasn't a bad boat trip... got to see everything of the main attractions around Paris, it's alright for this once as a boat trip but no 2nd time as the boat was packed with noisy school kids.

One of the highlights was going to the department store Lafayette, I showed one of my colleagues the photos of what's it like there, her first comment was "OMG, wayyy better than Selfridges", haha! The place was absolutely classy, and actually, I spotted that nearly every single counter has a Chinese/Vietnamese staff there, a population that's more than the Chinese I see in both the Selfridges I work for and the town one near home.

Also, in the evening of 25th, went to the Arc de Triomphe (凱旋門), and finally I can show everyone my best friend Wall-E in the photos.

Then just had a very quick visit of La Tour Eiffel.  This trip always brings a song into my head, it was an old chinese song that I listened to when I was just a young girl

The song is about the sad memories under the Eiffel Tower with cold weather.... Though my holiday was nothing as sad as the song words indicated, well, the night view I see with my boyfriend on the Eiffel Tower probably go well with how the song was tuned (Reserved to go IN the Eiffel Tower on 26th Feb)

26th Feb: The day where my boyfriend and I spent the evening inside the Eiffel Tower enjoying the night view and went to the well-known restaurant for most overseas bloggers, Chartier.  As my boyfriend had always been anticipating to try escagots, well, that's where I took him and he was impressed with the environment and food there as much as I am as well!

OK, before I forget about mentioning the outfit, here it is... took the pic back in the hotel cuz I had my coat on most of the time outside.

And here's more pics from the night view looking out from Eiffel Tower:

Also, some funny discoveries in Paris as well:
1) Wow........ first thing I see when my boyfriend and I landed at CDG airport...

2)On our day 1, we were catching the metro in Paris, my boyfriend n I reached the station where our hotel is located... and he was trying to open the door, but didn't know the door handle is to be pushed upwards.

3) More on day 1: my boyfriend discovered the culture of dogs there being so educated that they will only poo under trees... and people smoking EVERYWHERE we walked past...

4) Then on one of the days we are taking the metro, someone was singing in the metro, and it sounded so haunting that my boyfriend and I couldn't figure out which of the woman on the train was singing, it was so scary that no one's really giving a facial expression or a hint where the singing was from...

5) We were in a fast food shop ordering a fish burger and chips, while we were waiting not blocking the way of anyone behind us, the lady behind us ordered the same thing I guess, she automatically took one french fry and ate it... when we got everything on the tray ready to go, she was so embarrassed... My boyfriend n I weren't mad but I just found it shocking and funny at the same time.

Last but not the least: A mini Paris haul video


Cel said...

Happy belated birthday, birthday twin ^_^ Oooooh I can tell you had a fab time in Paris. I celebrated mine in London :)

KaitLin Kat said...

Happy belated bday! You and your bf are so sweet!! <3
I love reading your blog and I love reading this entry esp because I'll be going to Europe this summer, this will be my "tour guide"! :)