Saturday, 11 February 2012

Moment of Life: Working life as a beauty consultant

Hi, dear all, finally a new blog entry for you all! sorry for the MIA for such a long time, however, some of this blog entry will be in relation to reply some of the readers' questions
Debbie: No, I don't work for the RMK counter in the Birmingham, it is the Trafford Centre RMK that I work for.  And yes, Dusty Bright Eyes collection is great but I am personally more looking forward for the Sparkling Spring Summer collection from RMK, especially the blusher that I already laid my hands on!
And dear others: Thanks for replying to my blog entry in relation to my interpretation of dress code at work, I hope you guys will continue to stay tuned with my updates
So far, I've been working for Selfridges from June 2011, and so now, it makes almost 8 months that I've worked for RMK in Selfridges.  I would describe where I work is fun and being surrounded by others who are down-to-earth and always looking out for me (except for a few odd ones out, but you do get people like that everywhere)

This was when I first started in the summer on the early shift when my neighbor counters first noticed my no lenses glasses, well people still ask about it really...

OK, ladies! that's what my counter looks like, but the product displays change from time to time because of the new season products launching, but the foundation would stay where they are.  Good job I cleaned the counter before I finished work that day I decided to take this pic, hahaha!

I don't often take pics in the staff canteen of myself, but I found my favourite food in the staff canteen since working in Selfridges with the place I take lunch there the most:

Yogurts-why?- Allow me to complain about the days with really crap food or the days I work with menus in the canteen that I don't like... Yogurts can be the best ever, its the either the strawberry flavour or the Greek yogurt... however the greek yogurt in this pic of this blog entry hasnt appeared for a long time, and it's the honey and banana flavor yogurt that I am always havin recently

Friends I meet:
There are so many of you that I meet are so nice to me and you guys are the reason why I enjoy my job! OK, starting with Gemma as we both catch the same bus together and walk the same way home.  There's still alot between us to find out and to get to know each other as she works upstairs and I work on downstairs that she might be as close as those who work on the neighbor counters of mine, well, I don't go on about her so much, but mainly it's my boyfriend who hears about her most...
Aysha-An Indo-Chinese girl who does come to work at my counter once in a while, she used to be agency staff... but congradulations recently for the contract with Suqqu in town, and it's fun working with her though we do tell each other jokes that are so shocking between us.... This pic was taken on a day off for me and I was just touring around after the renovation of the Selfridges near home. (the one I work for is a 40 mins bus away from my home)

There's more people I met like Rensan (my eye candy), Eva (an absolute cute girl from Muji), Sammy (nice guy, nice body), all the ladies from Nars and Clarins (there are more than 4 of u to mention there, so cut it short and leave the names), Lisa from Illamasqua and Amanda from Laura Mercier are all my lovelies.  Mainly I got to mention you all cuz of being the closest to my counter and being nice to me, and for the sake of continuing to make you all happy, I will continue to share sweets and candies at work, if any of u wanna try any new flavours, I will check it out and bring it in. (Haha, I guess I haven't made the wrong user name as a blogger and a youtube user: sweetkuromi-Kuromi-the girl who always has candies in her pocket)

Inspirations from:
There are some of you who been there through my rough times and it's like I am definitely getting to know some of you on a deep dish level.  However, though I still haven't got the chance to take a pic with some of u, I will still metion u guys in particular. But start off the ones with photos ;)
Queena: The first one I HAVE TO mention for sure- she's my counter manager and also like my older sister since day 1 I started working for RMK, it's only the fact that we work on the same counter for that deep dish communication to start, but she's the one who made my working life like a home to me.  She's been the first hand listener to my problems and helped me through rough times.... Thanks for the call at the counter and the time to talk while u were taking ur holiday just to make sure I will be ok.  I hope I can continue to contribute to RMK team with team work in harmony and u guys are always appreciated by me and will always be there count on.

Alex: Sorry no proper pic of u without the Halloween makeup on... missed the chance to take the pic with u last time u done my hair.  Alex also works the next door counter to mine, and yes, we catch the same bus home together.  Though not everything we could talk in a deep dish conversation but thanks for ur support to my bad days when Queena's not around.
And thank you Alex for this hairdo:

Ashley: New Year, New Friend: we held our first conversation on 1/1/2012! Hahaha!  Thanks for being there on my rough start and sharing ur experiences with me on my upcoming tough decisions to make.  I know we don't catch each other the same time all the time though ur counter is only a few steps from mine... but I believe ur someone with a good heart and YOU WILL find a sweet guy that's gonna make ur world beautiful

Those without photos:
Stephen, Mitchell- Not sure if both of u know each other, but just that u both should know that both of u deserve my respect and my love for being there for me when I know I need guys to understand the rough patches I was having with my boyfriend.
Charlotte: I still wanna call u "Salad" cuz that's what it sounds like in Chinese, LOL. Ur a hippie! Haha!

Well, lastly, to some of u who know me from work and knowing that I can't mention everyone on the top of my head, but if you do read my blog, I just wanna say I love you all and one of my birthday wishes that I hope would be easy to come true even if I announce here would be "I wish each one of you will find someone that will make your world beautiful"

by Ronnie- sales associate at RMK


sugarbumpkin said...

Good for you Ronnie! Seems like you're having a great time. I'm starting to apply to makeup counters too, and I'm quite concerned about sale goals and not being able to meet them. How do you deal with this at your job?

Rinny said...

Aww looks like you've made a lot of great friends since you started your job! I'm happy to see that you like the job and the people you work with. Personally I think your coworkers are the most important part of enjoying your work, because if you don't like who you work with, you won't look forward to going in every morning :)

Girlie Blogger said...

Working at makeup counter must be fun. You get to see the newest and best beauty products first hand.
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sweetkuromi said...

Dear Janny
I've made my reply in ur latest blog entry, I hope its helpful and good luck!

Dear Rinny,
Yes, people u work with would make it the important to y u like ur job... well we all work in different counters but always get chance of a conversation in the staff canteen...

Dear Girlie Blogger,
U can say its fun job and getting to see the updated news about the new products... but of course its alot of pressure with the target figures... and stocks... *headache*

Cel said...

Ooooh how fun! By reading your post I can tell you have a great time at work ^_^ so happy for you. Sending hugs and kisses your way <3