Sunday, 29 January 2012

Video: Dress code at work

The video is finally uploaded on the dress code at work, there are some more outfits and more interactions in there, hope u will all enjoy it, I will reply to the comments on my next blog entry

Friday, 13 January 2012

Moment of Fashion: Dress Code at work

As I've promised to show a blog entry/video based on the dress code at work as I work for the RMK the Japanese cosmetic brand in Selfridges and the department store Selfridges do not have uniform for certain counters, I thought this blog entry would be interesting since the dress code at work mentioned that
-Wear black
-Dress to impress
-Wear name badge (but I don't show people videos with my name badge on clothes I wear tho)

-Opened toe shoes

And also, from my boyfriend's eyes, black from top to bottom would make every outfit boring, so what do I do? Prove him wrong and show him that looking for clothes to work is a fun challenge and of course, something I believe that keep viewers' eyes open.  This is gonna be a quick entry and some fundamental ideas of what I wear to work as the video is still filming and editting in progress.

A dress I picked from asos, there are actually 2 ways wearing it which is by making the straps off shoulder, it's not the best dress, but I thought showing it due to the fact that this dress has a good unique design.

Well another dress that enhances some curve that Ive got... And of course more will be seen in the video, so stay tuned! Hope these outfits will keep all your eyes opened until then!

Oh... and lastly, a name badge is a must with the outfit when u work in the dep store counters!