Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review on my Lingerie Haul

Moment of Fashion:
This will be my first time ever that I have ever done such update to share lingerie pieces that I bought, however, it would be impossible to upload photos of myself in underwear, so these photos would likely to be just what they look like on models and which are the pieces I bought.
The shop I got my lingeries from is Ann Summers, and the way I pick my undies are by the design and effectiveness.
This first set is the Cocquette Black Pink set- What I like about the set of lingerie is the fact that the balconette bra really gives out the body curve I want to achieve with the greatest comfort ever and the skirt design knickers look cute, however the only disadvantage for this set is that as it's a skirt, so, wearing a pear of skinny jeans or wearing tights over it would take somehow a longer time to make it neat (LOL).

I only recently bought this set of lingerie, the OMG boost underwear set which was picked by my boyfriend.  My boyfriend's reason for picking this set is nothing pervy but in what he picks to be the best looking pattern and design he sees in the shop.  But yeh, he picked this right set as wearing this boost set gives the cleavage line that I would never have naturally (Hmm, yeh, all u need to know is that I don't have much boobs, so size wise, don't ask).  I have no complaints about this set of lingerie as the bottom would be something that I normally wear.

Well, not sure if there will be a 2nd chance of blogging about reviews on lingerie hauls in the future, but please do leave me a comment and let me know if this is a good new kind of blogging to go on here as long as u feel this is also closely related to beauty and fashion blogging, my working life blogging will soon be be completed, please stay tuned and enjoy my past blogging entries if u have missed any.


Girlie Blogger said...

Looks very sexy. Bet the boyfriend liked seeing you in this.

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Rinny said...

Very sexy picks! The boyfriend has good taste haha :D