Thursday, 14 October 2010

Some updates since I moved into my new apartment

This might be a while ago now, it was back then before I moved out of Leicester and sending the packages of the mini-giveaway I was doing as well as sending Exquisitejenn her belated present.  I was really lookin forward to watching videos of those who received packages from me or even the blog entries.

I just have to talk about each of them:
The first one who already made a blog entry was Ria from Greece, I am glad she won the blog giveaway when I ran it around end of Aug as I always thought there's something bonding between the both of us, especially going to Greece for one week holiday has always been my dream! Also, I thought the chance of getting to know each other also bring our destinied friendship further, so I thought it was fated for us to be great friends in real person in future and it's also the reason why she won the prizes too!! Might sound weird of me saying this is my thoughts, but somehow, I find it might be true?!  (PS. I took all the usernames in a make up bag and just take out the piece of paper like so random to pick the winners for both my blog and youtube giveaway)

The 2nd person who made an entry of talking about getting packages from me is StyleSage.

One of the youtube users I know recently, although there are a few people which made really thought comments to entering my giveaway, I was really inspired by StyleSage's favourite quote "Nothing of me is original, I am the combined efforts of everyone i've ever known." Again, she was the winner of my last giveaway that I picked like so random!  I hope our friendship will strengthen and goes on after this previous giveaway

I have also sent off the belated birthday present to Exquisitejenn on the same day I've sent off the giveaway prizes, but this is what I have got her

I have already mentioned her in one of my blog entries long time ago that she's the very first person that I have spoken to since my first youtube video, as well as she's one of my best friends on youtube too!

They all deserve the credits for what they share with viewers, please subscribe to them if you have youtube or if you write blogs like Ria!

I have more updates as there are a few videos in progress as I have promised to get some requested videos done as well and I am expecting one of them should be uploaded this weekend!  And there should be a fashion video uploaded hopefully before the end of this month, it's been a loooooooooooong hell god knows while since I've ever made a fashion video!

It's going to be my 1 Year since my first youtube video- I am gotta run contest giveaway on my youtube channel and facebook, if you haven't liked my facebook page yet, do it and stay tuned!

I am sorry there was a few videos that might not be considered to be uploaded, but expect yourself to be see those in the coming weeks:
-2 Looks 1 Video series: Make Up Look for Blue Contact Lenses (it should be there on my channel by this weekend)
-Fashion for Autumn/Winter (Prioritized)
-2 Looks 1 Video series: Make Up Look Inspired by Amanda Seyfried
-"Good Girl Turns Bad" make up look Inspired by Phyllis Li (
-Guys I wanna to Date (Seriously, you will get to know sooner or later, but Click and Read this entry about the related story first if you have the time to)
-Requested Video (by someone on formspring): Tips for contact lenses elementary uses (Might sound silly to do such video, but I am still looking for some interesting things to put in the video before I actually make the video)

Please feel free to keep the requests and all that coming, they all mean alot to me and they are probably really great ideas! Thank you!

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kyaaa, you're really cute in the video >___<