Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Random updates: Votes, Creepers and upcoming videos

Thanks to those who kept the votes coming, and there's a good outcome I can finally decide to close down the poll and tell everyone my decision.  This tells me that my viewers and subs would like to know "What pisses "sweetkuromi" off behind the computer screen" and "What are the requirements to become the dream man of "sweetkuromi"".... I wouldn't guarantee if it's a girly gossip thing just to know the type of guy I like or um..... some "paparazzi" want to follow me until I am his... (Sorry, I am taken by my lovely boyfriend)... which leads to talk about receiving a creeper's sms on sunday night saying "hey beutiful, how have you bin?!" I have already told some of my youtube friends about this story and a Taiwanese friend....

The story would start with telling you all, yes, I used to work as a door-to-door sales for the energy field... and that day I came across a client who lives 15 mins away from my home and we exchanged the number because he said he would like to get back to me for further discussions.  So, fine- I see no harm of earning a little more money from this client!

OK.... the first few sms started off very commercial explaining the contract issues and the range he should pay, etc.  Then it became another story some time very soon tho when I said I live in another metro that I need to get back to the office by that certain time... He started asking stuff like (Please refer the script as Blue=the sender, Red=Me)
"Can we hv din 2gether before u catch ur train?"
"I am afraid that's not possible, time is very tight for me"
"Can I at least meet u @ the train station later on?"
(Not replying at all)
"I dun mean 2 freak u out,juz want 2 get 2 no u cuz i find that ur quite attractive"....
(Not replying at all)
The next day... he still sends me sms asking if I got back to London alright but I seriously did not text this sender back at all.... Most of my friends suggested that I should've told him straight in the bud that I have a boyfriend, but on the other hand, MY MARITAL STATUS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY CLIENTS! I only disclose my marital status to my clients if I enjoy talking to them! I am not sure if I am right about this might b the guy who sends me the prev sms on sun, please share ur thoughts or the similar struggling experience you might have had, my gorgeous =)  The last thing referring to the update of this blog is that this story was based on a real situation, and I only share it here because 97% of my blog followers r FEMALES! Please bare in mind that I am NOT a conceited whore who make up stories to hint that I am hot or to make myself better than anyone else....

PS. This is just blog update from experience and no, I don't flirt with clients for money or anything... all I did was act as professional as possible... but YES, I did make friends with a few clients who are warm and open-minded

Upcoming videos:
After I shall upload the video of "Roses" make up look, here should be the next 5 videos I should be able to upload:

-Giveaway for 1000+ subscribers & 30 followers giveaway (First priortized, it will be removed 7 days after the winners are announced)
-Must have equipements and tips when you use make up models
-Requested by 2127578 (youtube user): “Hair tutorial of Funayama Kumiko” (Research and making in progress)
-Tagged by babyLixian: “Emergency Make Up Kit”
-Requested by Tiffany “A make up look for wearing blue contact lenses”

I am sorry there are a few videos that have been removed from my youtube channel due to my personal unsatisfaction for these videos.... I will only keep videos that I can see it's deeply appreciated & the ones that are worth keeping


Anonymous said...

Wow that is really creepy! I wouldn't let him know anything about you I would just keep on ignoring him!
Besides that I can't wait for your contest :)and the hair tutorial sounds fun! Have a fabby day! <33

DeyiMizu said...

that is super creepy....Can't wait for your contest and tutorial~~