Tuesday, 3 August 2010

8 Questions, 8 Answers, 8 users

The rules
People who are tagged must answer the 8 questions, make their own 8 questions and pass it to 8 blogging buddies by notifying them on their blog.

Questions were asked by Elisa Lee

1. Why did you start your own blog?
I never thought of the reason why did I start it... I think it's cuz I want to be another beauty blogger?! lol. Just somewhere else to share beauty and fashion of my own thoughts.  Having a blog is probably another place for viewers and subs to get to know me.

2. What phrase or word do you say every day?

Haha, that's hard one!  But u will often hear me say "um...", "In general", "You know what I mean?" in my videos

3. Who is your make up idol?

Wow! I loooove xteeener and Lauren Luke =)

4. What can easily make you happy?

strawberries & a latest copy of Choc magazine PLEASE!!

5. What and when was your most shameful moment?

Haha, too many to list, damn! I think it's probably when I was workin in the airline as an airport ground staff.... n this one time, I had to look for the inflight manager for something, however, I got tripped over by some pax n exactly fell on this old senior flight attendant n nearly kissed him spot on........

6. Describe your personal style when it comes to fashion.

Smart-casual! Easiest to pull off by any girls!

7. What kind of food or which dishes do you like to eat the most?

Sushi, pizza (provided that one day there will be a pizza that doesnt have heavy calories)

8. If you found $500 USD on the ground all of a sudden, what would you do with it?

hahaha! I think my conscience would tell me to hand it into the police! but if my conscience is switched off, I think I would spend it mad on clothes!!!!!!!

hmm, I would like to tag....
Nur is random

Here comes my 8 Questions:
1) How old were you when you start dating your first boyfriend?
2) What's your favourite quote?
3) What's your fashion pet peeves?
4) Give one of the products you regret buying and WHY?
5) What's the worst epic chat-line have you ever heard?
6) What's your favourite eyeshadow color?
7) Name 3 make up brands that you heard of but that they don't launch in your country
8) Have you made any great friends in this blog? Mind sharing WHY they are the great friends of yours?


Anonymous said...

I did this! :) Its one of the 2 posts i did today. I didn't tag anyone because I think alot of the girls I have following already have done it, but its open to anyone to do :) Thanks for tagging me! It was fun

Anonymous said...

thanks i will do your 8 questions but i won't do a tag cuz I have not enough bloggers yet. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I just did it

'chelle said...

Hey thanks for tagging me Ronnie! I love Xteeener too, she rocks!

Frances said...

Hi there =) tks for visiting my blog! yeah I know ='((( I still cannot find my camera and I miss blogging =(( maybe I will need to invest in a new one soon... sigh.... but anyways... I LOVE pizzas too!!! XD

♥Nur KissKat♥ said...

I finally did it! I didn't tag anyone because I know most of my followers have done it before :P but I had alot of fun doing it. Thank you for tagging me :)



Bahar Karaoglan said...

I will do this in the coming week <3