Tuesday, 23 November 2010

strawbeefull's visit (12th Nov 2010)

strawbeefull n I were filming these videos while she was payin me a visit to my apartment as 2 things she was anticipating for: my bathroom and Wall-E.  She is the luckiest youtube guru who gets to visit my apartment in person as well as giving Wall-E a big hug.

There were about 40 mini clips of videos to be editted as 1 or 2 videos, however, for the last few days before she came to visit me, we discussed the idea of wt to film for the videos together, anwayz, as she never been a make up model for me, here's her chance, as well as she's welcome to give me a make-over.... aww well, I've always had the experience of puttin make up on friends, bt it's literally my first time for the other way round.

Anywayz, if u hv time, hope u do enjoy these 2 videos.  Don't forget to subscribe Jess (strawbeefull) if u have a youtube account!

Just a little thought about doing the make up look in the bathroom- U can tell badly how much Jess loves my bathroom n she literally suggested that the make up looks and all that shud b done in the bathroom for the best lighting ever, and the fact she loves the sliding doors so much, haha! Let me know ur thoughts if it's a gd idea!... My bedroom won't b a perfect place to do make up tutorials cuz of the lighting is rather weak in that area... so either the hot and boiling spotlight in the corridor or would it be the best to hold the make up looks in the bathroom?


Rinny said...

Both the makeup looks are really pretty! And I agree, the lighting in your bathroom is very good for makeup vids

P.S. I tagged you for 2 awards ^^
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priincess emily said...

This is so CUTE! :)

Elisaaa (^-^)v said...

Cuteee videosss^^ Hiiii, I don't know why, but I didn't received any of your new posts on your blog.. so weird =( I thought that you stopped with blogging or something x(

Did you receive my package which I send like 2 months ago? XD lol