Monday, 8 November 2010

"Present Hauls"from beloved boyfriend and my forever superwoman

Before I forget to do this, I have to share this haul/presents from the ones closest to me in my life: My beloved boyfriend and my superwoman (my mum).

In the ideal of talking about who got me what and whose stuff I got first, would be my boyfriend who bought me a MAC make up set from an outlet outside Manchester during the 10 days AFTER we moved out from our previous place and BEFORE we moved into our current apartment.  There were items such as
-A black liquid eyeliner
-A make up bag
-A pair of false lashes
-A Mascara
-A pot of glitter

Stuff from my mum- It was forwarded to me from my cousin who went back to Hong Kong for 2 weeks a while back.  It was my mum whom asked me if I need anything from Hong Kong, and I made a small shopping list of what I needed, and here's the shopping list with photos, lol. However, I only asked my mum for a box of 10 masks for the Kuan Yuan Liang masks and my beauty masks, she got me 2 boxes of each instead, it was really thoughtful of her- I bet she was worried that I might run out of things too soon at times.  Like everyone else, I do complain about my mum doing things embarrassing me in public or saying hurtful things like any parents would do, but of course, she's my beloved mum, like the song says, she's my superwoman, like Gary Cao's song, and one of the lyrics which goes with how I describe my mum "心裏唯一的superwoman沒有人能代替" (The only superwoman that no one else can replace)

OK, here's the stuff of what she got me:

Isa Knox Aqua Max Skin Toner & Twister Essence

Free gift from the Isa Knox shopping: Red Ginseng Collagen masks x 5
Characteristics: Enhance skin elasticity, skin compacting

My Beauty Diary masks: Aloe x 20 pieces
Kuan Yuan Liang White Rose moisturising masks x 20 pieces

As there are instructions and other types of masks available at the back of the box:

I will translate everything in Chinese, so you will know about the other masks available and their characteristics
1) Houttuynia- Detoxing, Relaxation
2) Guava- Antioxidant, Whitenning
3) The one I have: Red Ginseng Collagen-Enhance skin elasticity, skin compacting
4) Ganoderma Lucidum- moisturising, strengthen immune system
5) Fermented Evening Primrose- Anti-aging and rejuvenating

I will soon make a video about this haul in my youtube channel- anyhow, stay tuned with other videos if you are anticipating any upcoming videos!


DeyiMizu said...

wow~you have a very sweet bf and a wonderful mom:)

The Girlie Blog said...

awww your bf and mum are so sweet!

petrina said...

ooh Isa Knox! I used to use some Isa Knox products a few years i can only get Laneige (still good)

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

aww so nice of then :D
I cant wait to get my hands on some masks when i go back to hk :)

Rinny said...

Your bf and mom are so nice to pamper you with beauty and skincare products! I love Isa Knox's packaging; I will definitely have to check out their products xD

Kei Kei said...

^__^ Ideas for the MAC pigment you got since its a white/pearl colour, its a great universal colour for makeup. So you could...

1. Use it as a highlighter on your cheeks, eyes and brow bone etc. if its not glitter.

2. Mix a tiny amount with matte lipsticks or even lip balm for a pretty shimmering effect to your lips.

3. carefully sprinkle some other your nail polish while its wet for extra sparkle!

I think these are the most common things you can do with pigments. I only have a few because I know they can be hard to work with and it depends on the colours. Hope that helps. x