Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fashion tips wanted, thank you!

This fashion blog will be based on my deep down questions on mix and match... and stressed about what to get for the upcoming arranged Xmas dinner with my 3 colleagues who work on the RMK counter together.  Why stressed? Because I've been finding it hard to stay away from the black when none of these items are for the purpose of working at all!
Question 1) Wine Chiffon Kimono top
I recently exchanged the yellow skirt back to the Jane Norman shop for this top, it's a colour that I have never laid my hands on... as I already have a blue top that looks so similar, though the description gave the tips that I should go with super skinny jeans, well guess what? The skinny jeans I have in the wardrobe just don't go at all! Please someone tell me, what colour is likely to go best with this top and I would appreciate if there's any link of an item or the appropriate type of trousers to match it

Question 2) Metallic Jeans (my recent most wanted)

I had a try on these jeans first for my size and the opinion from my boyfriend if I should buy it or not, the outcome is my boyfriend said these jeans are not bad, but seeing me wearing the kimono top (item above), the colours honestly don't marry at all (even I agree and honestly feel both wine tone and metallic jeans together honestly look not flattering at all), my boyfriend couldn't think of anything but black top, white top... Reason for being most wanted: the colour is simply special!
Again, any suggestion would be appreciated.

Question 3: My dearest manager just announced that the 4 of us from the RMK (Me, manager and the other 2 colleagues) will get together to dine and exchange presents during a meal out together, she suggested that we all should dress nice for the night (we are still deciding which restaurant to dine out)... I am trying to decide between these dresses of which to wear for the night, here we go!

Dress 1 Reason: I just love the design of this dress how it will help to look slimmer by the concentrating the all the creased design on the centre
Disadvantage: Revealing the bra buckles :(
Dress 2 Reason: I just simply love the colour! This purple is the tone that I love and the material makes the dress simple and classy

Dress 3 Reason: Contrast colors of the dress

Dress 4 Reason: I love the colour, the combination of black silk/chiffon covering another colour make the dress a unique colour.
Disadvantage: Concern it might look fat on me :(
Dress 5: The turquoise colour is not too exaggerating, but most importanly, it's the end of the dress that makes me fall in love with it
Disadvantage: Revealing bra buckles when I have the same concern with nude bra not being supportive to stand out my boobs more :P (need some cleavelage if I decide I pick dress 1 & dress 5)
All your answers and suggestions are appreciate, please leave your comment and if you pass by this blog, thank you!


'chelle said...

Hey hun no need to get stressed out!! There's still plenty of time before Xmas =)

I think with the wine chiffon top maybe black pants would go well with it..? Or maybe grey jeans or something?

All the dresses are so pretty but I'm loving dress 2 the most - the colour and cut of the dress is really elegant. The other dresses are much sexier and if that's the look you're going for I like dress 3. I love strapless dresses like that and I think it'd look great on you!

Let us know what you end up choosing xx

Anonymous said...

I think dress #2 is just lovely! I love the design and colour. As for the first wine coloured top I would suggest a dark blue wash of jeans. Also if you want to be even more fashionable you could pair it with a leather skirt that be really cute!

Rinny said...

I really like dress #2! You could wear dress #1 easily too if you get something like the Nubra (the stick on bras), so the back buckles don't show.

As for the wine colored top, I'm really loving the color. I would personally pair it with black skinny jeans - black goes with everything :)

M.May said...

I really really like dress #4 cause it's oh so sexy!! But I did have a dress in the exact same design (diff colours) and it did make me feel like i've gained a few pounds.

My pick's dress #5 cause it's a real stand out colour! Try those 'silicone nude bras'. Don't know the proper name for it, but here's one.

I have one, and it's not bad. =)

♡ M.May

LoveFashionBeautyArtFood said...

Hi there... Hopefully my comment isn't too late... but I found your wonderful blog not too long ago...

as for your questions....
Question 1) The wine top is beautiful and I think maybe black wide leg trouser would play beautifully with the silky flow of the shirt. Or maybe you can go with a pretty black pencil skirt of some sort?

Question 2) I think the white and black tops are easiest to match with the grey skinny jeans but I think you can go a little punk with red plaid or just plain bright red shirt... or i think any strong colors like deep purple, greens, and others would go well together with the grey. I think you can go nuts with the grey jeans since grey is neutral.

Question 3)I personally love both dress 3 and dress 4. I think dress 3 has very interesting detail on the left side. I love simple dresses with chiffon layer on top. I don't think you should worry about looking fat because 1. you aren't fat and 2. the ruching should help disguise any areas that you may want to hide.

Hopefully this helped and I wasn't too late.