Wednesday, 5 October 2011

RMK Dusty Bright Eyes Tutorial (video) & Reviews on blog

The A/W collection 2011 of RMK: First introduction would be the Dusty Bright Eyes eyeshadow cream: When I first started my job at RMK, I went to the makeup training for the eyeshadow that will launch at counter and since I still haven't sent my stuff to Gwen, I asked if she wanted anything from RMK as I was telling her about this new collection of eyeshadows.... They are one of the best things to get your BFF or someone who loves makeup as
1) These cream eyeshadows are waterproof that will suit those who has concerns with oily eyelid creases
2) Very easy to apply as the packaging comes with a brush of 2 ends
3) The eyeshadow stays on until you decide to remove it by makeup remover

As I personally don't own all 6 colors, I took the leaflet from the counter to show bloggers and viewers which are the exact 6 colours that are launching of the new collection

Was filming the video of color 02- and that day I was wearing the white nail polish along (exactly being inspired by the model for this collection)... and way before my current haircut too

This photo was taken during the Day 1 the eyeshadows were launching at our counter... and also before my haircut back then...

Well, this is the pink I use... and the cream side will soon be used up soon!

Out of the 3 colours, I picked the orange as I don;t have any orange blusher in my collection.

False lashes: for both looks, I used 01 for the upper lashes and 06 as the lower lashes.  I finally know how to apply false lashes on the lower part... Hope my video does give a good explanation of it

Nail polish wise-I picked the green and the white in the middle, but in fact, I do regret picking the white as I start to fall in love with the purple.

the 2 colors that I've got-the reason I picked these 2 colours cuz they are limited editions.... the beige tends to be more of my color... but both of them are real pretty colours...

My favourite products from this Autumn/Winter collection are the Dusty Bright Eyes Deep Pink and the lower lashes 06 as the Deep Red (Pink and Red together) is so light that even when I feel I have small eyes that this combination tends to enhance elegance of my eyes.  Then as for the lower lashes, why? Cuz I simply need lower lashes to define my eyes much better...

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Rinny said...

You look so pretty in your video! Your skin is all glowing and flawless :D This looks like a great collection. All the colors are really pretty! :)