Sunday, 11 September 2011

Haircut Sep 2011

Another good update of styling as I haven't had a haircut for more than 6 months, now here finally comes the day I finally I had the haircut during the 2 day 1 night trip to Birmingham with my boyfriend and seeing my same brand colleague Nichole there <3

(the picture of my boyfriend, me and Nichole) <3

Nichole is one of my colleagues who I have met from my job training, we both work for RMK but just different locations

I always have found a haircut that I liked for many years and that I would keep havin the same style everytime I go to the salon

Well here's the outcome of the haircut:


The Girlie Blog said...

Love your cut. I need to cut my hair too. You look absolutely lovely!

Rinny said...

I love the new hair cut Kuromi! You look really pretty :) And welcome back btw! I've missed your posts :D

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Yes long time no talk! :) I have been busy as well with my new private aide job taking up most my time during the day. Soon I'll be taking classes to higher my certificates I just hope that doesnt leave me with no time to blog lol!

Btw love your new haircut it suits you very well. I used to get a similar cut all the time...possibly still do, but longer layers heehee :)I also have gone over 6 months without cutting my hair its such a hassle, and so long now.

Me and the hubs are looking into buying a house within the next 6 months so I hope to be blogging more about house projects like redecorating and such. That is super exciting for me since I love to make things my own way colours of rooms, fixtures etc. Can't wait :) Hope you had a wonderfull halloween! ttyl!