Saturday, 19 June 2010

Happy Father's Day and my Dad's always my pride..

I wish I could make it a tag on my youtube video, however, I can't cuz my skin condition is rather bad this week, so I would decide to give my daddy a shout out by this blog here.... Start with some facts about my dad:
Nationality: Obviously Chinese
Zodiac: Gemini
Occupation: A policeman in Hong Kong

These are the most fundamental facts I can tell you all because I don't want to disclose too much in the world of internet, but I wouldn't mind to describe my dad from my own personal point of view.... For 24 years of my life, this Daddy of mine is my pride.... Although I admit that I have my rebel side and my dad has his annoying moments being a very judgemental person (he has an occupation disorder) with a police vs criminal interviewing mode.... I am still proud to have him as my Dad because...

-My daddy is a sweetheart daddy! He cooks my fave dishes for dinner, so I won't have to stress about what to eat everyday I come home from work.

-He makes the best family gatherings during holidays and evenings, he would bring movie DVDs home.... he will always have some fresh fruits and delicious healthy snacks ready!

-He is a very personable man to his friends which I have witnessed for many years of my life.

-We both are very alike, as both of us are very outgoing! Both of us can never sit still!

-He offered to drive me to work when I had to reach the office by 4am (I worked for the earliest shift of my life when I worked for Cathay Pacific) and another lift to work when I literally overslept!!

-Obviously because I love my dad!!

I love you, dad! and I do miss u alot as I am in the UK now..... There's no other daddy in the world can replace u in my heart! U're always my beloved daddy and the sweetheart daddy I am always proud of

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