Friday, 18 June 2010

Jewel Eyes Inspired by Choc magazine (Taiwanese)

This inspired look is quick and easy if u got just everything u need! and of course, a pair of long dangling earrings with some gems would be nice to make this look detailed and sparks your look thru-out!

Step 1) Apply a light gold eyeshadow around your eyes, but you may need to apply extra on the brow bones to volume the depth for your eyes.  For a similar colour, I have used Bobbi Brown- Champagne Quartz 2.

Step 2) Line your lash lines to make your eyes pop.

Step 3) Apply turqoise liner on just 1/3 of the outter part of your eyes, and a width about 2mm.  For my own product used, I have combined the colors from the Sleek Original Palette and the Marjorie Bertagne palette together.

Step 4) Apply pink eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lower lashlines, for my own product, I have used Model's Own- Fuchsia Pink pencil liner to do so.

Look for a pair of false lashes, trim and layer them on the outter half of your eyes.  The false lashes that I own with silver streaks are from Claire's Accessories.

For cheeks, I just use whatever is closest color to the original product.  The original product for this look is a bronzer from Estee Lauder.

Lips- Select a glossy & light pink lipstick for this look, but for myself, I just applied a light pink lipstick and coat a clear lip gloss on top afterwards.

I have also matched a pair of earrings (Dior) for this look, because I feel that long dangling earrings have the advantages of making mix and match connections between the make up look, and the outfit you wear, furthermore, it helps to adjust chubby cheeks to a slimmer looking face shape.

The color contact lenses I have used was FreshKon-Misty Grey.

Here's the earring that I was wearing for the video, it's a present from my boyfriend long time ago, if any of you own the same pair as me, I would never suggest you to go clubbing with earrings cuz I had bad experience of losing dangling earrings when I was in a night club


Anonymous said...

Lovely look Ronnie! I love this I may have to wear some color tommoro :)

sugarbumpkin said...

oh cute look! but higher quality pictures please!

'chelle said...

What a sweet look! I'm loving the turquoise and pink - they go so well together and I wouldn't have thought to put them together.

Thanks for posting a translation of the tutorial too! I can read Chinese but it's very basic =p I find magazine tuts really helpful.

I'd love to see a close-up of your earrings too! From what I can see they're gorgeous.

sweetkuromi (Ronnie) said...

Deanna: U shud, some goes will even help u to decide the eyeshadow colors really well!

Sorry, I was trying everything out from my boyfriend's laptop, this blog is actually not completed until the video's up, hehe

Re: Michelle,
I will upload the photo of the earring in seconds/minutes time