Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Street Dance & Make Up Experiment I made

The movie I watched today:

(Just show you all the trailer first, lol, but I look forward to watch Step 3 on 3D MORE!!)

Please refer to the original look of Phyllis Li here on this link:

And also my own version

Indeed, I have made my make up experiment on video somehow different from the way I used to do it- Instead of demonstrating the whole process of this look, I juz highlighted the products I have used to make this look, especially this is juz a v. simple look bt one stroke for each area to complete the look.... I hope this look as my experiment on make up techniques and products will be a good way of making my make up experiment videos...


Maggi Kay said...

i'm digging the purplish lining on the lower lashline!!

sweetkuromi said...

lol, maggie! give it a try <3 ur eyes are so pretty, dun waste ur pretty eyes!!