Wednesday, 7 April 2010

All About Me (other information on blog)

It's my bad I haven't introduced myself ever since my first video.... I am sorry I am not good at introducing myself at all :( but anyways, I have answered the questions whatever everyone's been wondering ever since my 1st video & when I broadcast at (FYI: Meet me Live @

There's also something I been wondering is that now I have 3XX subs on the list, but none of them ever ask why haven't I run any contest yet, but here's my explanation:
1) I have a few friends in Hong Kong who I miss so much and I really can't help but make a collection of stuff before I send them, especially to those I still owe birthday presents to!
2) After satisfying real friends, a few subs on my list are the next listed people to satisfy... They're the ones who been there for since my early stage on youtube.... They're the 2nd category of friends who I feel that are close to me in a sense
3) I am waiting for 888th sub to come to me as my 1st contest (cuz it's 888 means something lucky in chinese)
4) contest prizes are headaches, and I will need to think about themes for it as well!

May I disclaim that I am not a self obsessed whore seeking for popularity although I would admit I am an attention seeker at the moment.... The reason for opening a fan page is all because I wanna get the non-youtube users who likes my videos to be kept updated!  Hopefully my hard efforts will be appreciated by others too, and also to share more of my own creativity by recruiting more make up models which I have gathered in another group in facebook

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