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Friday, 2 April 2010

The coming most wanted items when I get paid

The Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette- It works as a concealer palette, but I just don't know which are the tones which will suit my skin tone, and it is an Australian/US brand, the unique selling point of this concealer- the texture is hydrated and plenty of moistures in there, the make up will not look cakey or dried..

Shoes from Killah, from

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
I have a feeling that I am gotta change a different foundation when my Armani foundation is used up soon... I always like to look for foundation which provides a thinner texture but to make my skin looking more smooth...

But other than that, I won't be spending 100% of my wages just on make up and clothes as I am planning for 2 trips to go, 1 is to go to Greece and the other one is to go back to Hong Kong to visit home...


ExquisiteJenn said...

oh you will love Greece...I just went there last year in April 2009. I loved it.

sweetkuromi said...

re: exquisitejenn
lol, Greece is the dream of my place! I'm dyin to go there <3