Monday, 29 March 2010

Outfit of The Day (29th Mar 2010)


My first time doing video "Outfit of the Day", in fact this white lace dress has appeared for its 3rd time in my videos, but the main point of outfit of the day is to give out the idea of "mix and match"... I have made 2 versions within 1 video so you all can compare the difference in shoes I wear for this outfit.... I will do more outfits of the day if the outcome/feedback of the video is good enough.... but the shoes I wore in the end were the boots...

Please let me know whichever one looks better

I hope Anita won't mind that I have her in this blog cuz it's a great day I had with her... a long chat and her kind offer of asking her boyfriend to drive me home, both of them are really nice people :) I would love to have another chance to meet up, perhaps next time meeting up will be sharing of fashion between each other :)

Video for outfit of the day:

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Anonymous said...

I love the first look you have here. I am really loving those boots!! What brand are they and where did you get them? Cuz I'm def a short girl maybe hitting 5'3 and I am always looking for tall boots that make my legs look longer.