Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My latest video (uploaded on 24th Mar 2010)

Products that are newly used in the video:
(MakeBelieve Bronzer Palette)

Rimmel Lipgloss

Details of video:
Reference and Inspirations from

This is in fact a requested video by a friend who's a biggest fan of Angelababy, bt I am not the biggest fan of Angelababy myself tho (lol), I apologize if there's lots missing in this video, I was gotta include asking my model about this make up experience in this video, however, I had the miss outs and couldn't make it to meet up with her to add these bits up.... but I hope u all will find this video useful... as well as my reference website useful: Besides using this website to indicate it into demonstration, I find this website very useful in other resources too....

Facts about model for this video:
Name: Claudia
Nationality/Originality: Taiwanese
Occupation: Student
Skin Type: sensitive (I tend to ask models if there's certain things she can or cannot apply)
Languages she speaks: Mandarin, English, and (competent) Cantonese (she doesn't have the heavy accent like Shu-Qi (舒淇) the actress does)
Style: innocent, cute....

Comments to the make up model is also welcome, I will let her know all ur appreciations!

FYI: Angelababy is a famous mixed racee model in Hong Kong and Japan.


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